Your Bikes in Front of Postbox


Forgot this one from a previous ride: British Edward VII postbox by a business just outside of Tübingen in south Germany.

It seems it's being used as the company postbox.


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As you can see only one collection per day.Job is totally crap now.Nothing on a Sunday at all.Customer first customer most important,balls rubbish service .At our monthly meeting for our meal and drink together we get reports of how awful our place of work now is.


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This one's been on my to-do list for a while. The Post Office building in Bradford-on-Avon:


There are, I understand, four similar monograms on Post Office buildings. These are a Bangor (Co Down), Builth Wells, Havant, and March.

In the excitement I completely forgot about the gold-painted pillar box just out of picture on the right. :banghead:
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