Your Bikes in Front of Postbox

Less than a quarter mile from my cottage.
That will be one of the newish houses up on the left then? My brother lives another half mile down that road. Not been there for about 6 years now so my memory is not very clear on what else is there.
South East

After working from home today, and then cooking for Mrs SnG, my exercise was down from where I wanted to be, so a quick blast round the block for a couple of miles made the difference, and I’ve closed my (Apple) rings for the 20th consecutive day, which I’ve never managed to do since starting with Apple Watch in 2016.
It’s going to be a focus of mine this year.
The postbox is a GR box, local to me and one I spotted 2 weeks ago, so nice to pop over and grab this image.


Macho Business Donkey Wrestler
A twofer.... one lamp box in Driver's End (fnarr), and a pillar box outside a village shop in St Ippolyts, Hertfordshire.

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