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Saw a badger yesterday on the commute to work

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I had a very close encounter with a snake on Monday. As soon as I noticed it, it was too late to stop both my wheels going over it. :sad: I hope it survived the impact, but I admit I didn't hang around to find out.


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nothing special today just our normal blackbirds in the rear garden 1 of which is very aggressive to other blackbirds !!

oh and the little mouse that spends most of the daylight hours sprinting across the patio

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I must say it's really pheasant to read about otter people's animal encounters.
Normally see a kestrel or two, a buzzard here & there, but this week so far I have also seen a short eared owl & a kingfisher ^_^
Damn birds often slow my average speed down, yesterday when I saw the owl I was barely doing walking pace for about half a mile watching it :laugh:
I had an owl flying a couple of feet above the ground in front of me for a few hundred yards the other week, was a great sight, times like that I wish I had a bike cam.


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Buzzard.. twice
Rabbits.. numerous
Hare ! (it was at night. Do you remember the video of the Scots guys in the van that couldn't pass a rabbit? It was like that :biggrin: )
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