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Itching to get back on my bike's
Left my trail Camera at my parents last night and to my surprise it caught sightings of a fox as well as a hog which is a regular visitor .

First time we have seen the Fox and we didn't even have any idea about one visiting but nice to see

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Since posting the picture of the fox I have heard that a couple of chickens were taken out of a garden pen presumably the same fox as only a couple of hundred yard's away in a small village

Dave 123

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a little bit more action in the trap last night

Dingy footman

Privet Hawkmoth

Elephant hawk moth

Garden carpet

Buff tip

Double square spot

The moth trap was done in a hurry this morning.

At present my mother in law is very ill, Lisa stayed with her overnight. I had a 5.30 phone call from her to say that the ambulance had been called and could I come over to help. As I was leaving home I had an “oh 💩” moment as I realised I’d put the trap on. Once sorted I drove through Creacombe to Holbeton. The hare was there as were red legged partridge, bullfinch, yellowhammers and a headless fallow deer…

As I came around the bend it had its bum to me, head down. It never looked up, just hopped into the hedge. 4 legs and a back, could’ve been a coffee table for all I know!

My MIL is now in Derriford hospital. Infection, suspected slight stroke and a tumour on her lung. Life eh?

Dave 123

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Small blood vein moth

Ringlet butterfly

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