Your favourite comedy actor?

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betty swollocks

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Mine : Alistair Sim for such gems as:-
The Green Man*
Laughter in Paradise
The Belles of St Trinian's
School for Scoundrels
The Happiest Days of Your Life

* This contains my favourite film quote too:-
"By heavens, I'd thrash the life out of you if I didn't have to read the nine o'clock news!"


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Not a comedy actor per se but the funniest performance I have seen is Johny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Rik Mayall as Kevin Turvey, Rik in The Young Ones, Adam B'astard, Lord Flashheart


Smutmaster General
Anyone who maes me laugh while acting! Almost all the above, in fact. Can I add Ronnie Barker, Sid James (for his laugh) and Harry H Corbett? (not the sooty fella, that was just Harry Corbett: incidentally, read some disturbing news about the origins of Sooty the puppet! :blush:


I think Ronnie Barker was the best comedy actor, but I'm not saying he was my favourite - though he runs pretty close.

My wife sometimes insists that my favourite ought to be Richard Wilson, for very good reasons, but I don't believe it...
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