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Everyone knows I'm a lover, a student, an admirer of rock music. To me there is rock music, and there is simply noise. It is my whole life. I was born a rocker, and I'll die a rocker.

And to that end I thought it only right to share my favourite guitar solo, in this case the closing solo from Jethro Tull's We Used To Know. Martin Barre is at his blues best, stroking the wah wah pedal so gently that I cry tears of joy every time I hear it. One can see why he is Joe Satriani's favourite axe man.


So what is your favourite guitar solo? I demand you tell me immediately!


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Wow - so many to choose from, i can give you a pretty competitive top ten

10) End of the World - Gary Moore
9) Freebird - Lynard Skynyrd
8) Ides of March - Iron Maiden (the entire thing)
7) Don't Break My Heart Again - Whitesnake
6) Thunder Rising - Gary Moore
5) Mistreated - Deep Purple
4) Master of Puppets - Metallica
3) Military Man - Gary Moore
2) Keep Talking - Pink Floyd
1) Still In Love with you (Live and Dangerous version ) - Thin Lizzy

and I have missed out so many


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Nils Lofgren is a musician who has truly spoken to me throughout my life. We are close in age. I have followed him for 45 years. I feel as we similar in age his lyrics often speak of things which have happened in my life. To see him live, sometimes solo, others with just one musician accompanying him is a wonderful experience.

For me he is one of the most underrated guitarist of the past 50 years.

Here is one great example with some other rock star. There are many other examples but the best I've usually heard live in concert halls.





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Some great stuff here. Delighted to hear Nils get a mention - I still have many of his pre-E-Street band records - wasn't it Grin? He was great. No Mercy is a classic. I think he suffered when Tom Petty was his support act back in the late 70s and blew him away (although I know who I'd prefer).

Nice to see Michael Schenker get a mention, too. In their heyday, UFO were the best rock band ever, and Schenker's solos in that band were as good as rock solos ever got.

My favourite solo was, until recently, a slide solo by Ry Cooder on How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live. But these days, I think he's being challenged by Derek Trucks. I've probably listened to the following solo more than any other recently. And the thing about Derek Trucks is that he does it over over. I don't think there's a better soloist around these days.

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