Your least favourite film?

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For me, it may well have been Pearl Harbour...that was pretty grim, I have to say. Although I accidentally caught an Adam Sandler film (Happy Gilmour, I think it was) that was absolute tosh!


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Freddie got Fingered. Someone told me it was hilarious. Someone was wrong.
not sure about least favourite... but one of the worst i've seen was Shining Through with Michael Douglas and that blonde bint whose name i've forgotten (or deliberately blanked). terrible acting and script. i laughed out loud at several 'dramatic' moments.



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Mel Gibson's films get me pretty wound up, with the Patriot being particularly sickening.

Most horror films that come out of Hollywood. No suspense, just gore and loud noises to make you jump.
Too many to mention. Some that spring to mind are:
In and Out
Dumb and Dumber
Just Married (and any rom com whose marketing posters feature the leading man and lady positioned back to back wearing bemused looks)
Look who's talking (and sequels)

It's Friday and it's a nice day. I've run out of vitriol after 6...


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Not as much a least favourite film as a least favourite type - that being those lurid American technicolor musicals from the 50s and usually based in a theatrical setting giving lots of scope for overblown songs with lots of dancing girls.

The plot is often about two competing showgirls who love the same man but what I really dislike is that at some point one of the women gets hysterical and is slapped round the face by the man who then kisses her passionately. And the woman always melts into his arms - when she should bloody well knee him in the groin! They are dire but seem to be recycled more often with the booming of satellite and cable channels.


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"My Big Greek Wedding" or whatever it was called, sorry can't even be arsed to google for correct title. I actually had to fork out money for this too on Sky ppv as my missus was desperate to see it, just after we got married. So dire. So dire.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
The first of the 'Lord of the Rings' films.

Don't know about the others. A team of galloping shire horses couldn't drag me into another.
ajevans said:
What was wrong with Sideways? I can understand not liking it, but hate it?
Just dreary, dull, pleased with itself and hugely overrated. I did actually give up on it and asked Bags to fill me in if anything funny or interesting happened. It didn't.

The first two new Star Wars bad were they!;)


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I hate almost all remakes, which are usually remade for no good reason other than to take money away from non-discerning idiots.

Good remake - Werner Herzog's remake of Nosferatu. Murnau's original was a silent, so plenty of room to do something different and interesting.

Bad remakes - too many to mention here's some examples.

The Italian Job - the original was a bit crap save for the Mini set piece, remake is even worse.
Wicker Man - Original was perfect in it's own quirky way. Haven't watched the remake but haven't heard a single good word said about it.
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