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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. gbb

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    Mine was so good. (I did go for that ride...glad i did)
    Just over 20 miles, but since the rear ends a bit sore...:biggrin::blush:
    Suns been shining here all day, 13 or 14 degrees, 15 mph winds made it a bit slow on the outrun, but fast home (20 -25 mph for 6 miles :biggrin: ).
    Very very glad i i feel guilty about feeling good :biggrin:

    How was yours....
  2. jayonabike

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    [Admin edit: Part 1 of the thread can be found here:]

    First 100km ride of the year, but more importantly my first ride since being diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (a type of lung disease)
    Lately when out on the bike I was having trouble getting up hills, I've never been the quickest up hills but was noticeably slower and I was having real trouble breathing. I thought I had a chest infection so I went to the docs.
    Doc said chest was clear, no infection but as I was having pains best go for an x-ray to rule out the big C. That came back clear so then it was a spirometry test. This came back with this C.O.P.D. Basically the airwaves in my lungs tighten up and I can't exhale a lung full of air, meaning the next breath I take in isn't enough air so I have trouble breathing while pushing myself (i.e cycling up hills)
    It's my own fault. I smoked. For 25 years. No one else to blame but myself. Doc said it was a mild form of the disease, it comes in 3 stages mild, medium, severe. Severe being life threatening. She said giving up smoking 4 years ago and starting to cycle was the best thing I could of done. She also said the disease won't go away, it won't get any worse, but won't get better. Treatment is limited, Inhalers is about it. I have 2, a preventative one (steroid) to be taken twice a day and a reliever to use as and when I need it.
    I asked the doc about cycling. "Be careful in winter, listen to your body. If you can, cover your face, the cold air won't do you any good" she said
    I've been a bit down over the last week, took some time off work to try and get my head around it. I didn't know when I was going to be back in the saddle, if I would at all. Could I cycle 6 miles, let alone 60. Should I stop riding with my mates, I don't want them waiting for me every time they got to the top of a bloody hill.
    So last week I didn't go out on the Sunday, and in the week I spoke to my cycling buddies and they said don't be stupid, come out. Your pretty fast on the flats, if you want, go off ahead near a hill and we'll catch you up, no one waits.
    Today I woke up and was supposed to be meeting my mates. I didn't want to. It was cold, I hadn't been out for a few weeks. Didn't want to hold my mates up. The wife said go, even if you get two miles up the road and can't carry on you've tried, you won't know until you've tried. She was right, I was putting off what I needed to do. I'm so glad she gave me a kick up the backside (and she threatened a shopping trip if I didn't go!)
    I'm glad I did, I had a great ride. It was a couple of degrees above freezing, I was wrapped up, the buff over my face really worked, the air wasn't cold to breathe. The only times I took it off was to go up hill. I was out in front a lot. I really pushed myself to see what I could do. I was surprised at my effort, as were my mates. "I thought you were supposed to be ill" I heard @toptom say behind me! I gained some distance as we approached a hill and they caught me up as we reached the top. No waiting. Don't get me wrong, it was hard but I was enjoying it.
    We set out from Hemel towards Chesham and then up to Gt. Missenden. The lanes were icy, the B roads were clear with a few ice patches at the sides of the road. I hit 43 mph down hill so my first over 40 for the year.
    We headed toward Chequers, Mr Cameron's country retreat where the roads are littered with "no to HS2" signs. As we cycled past the entrance I gave Dave a two fingered wave at the security cameras much to the amusement of a cyclist going the other way. It was starting to warm up a bit, the red kites were circling overhead looking for sunday breakfast. We were back in the lanes to Stoke Mandeville and then B roads to Tring, it was mostly flat and we kept a good pace
    A coffee stop after 30 miles in Tring where we've stopped a thousand times. Hemel cycling club were just leaving and the table by the fire was free. We decided which way to head back, Tom mentioned up the beacon ( i'm sure he wants to see me suffer!) As we approached the beacon he said instead of going up how do you feel about going around it and making the ride a 100km.
    I felt good, was pleased with how the ride was going so agreed. I new a hill was about two miles ahead so put my foot down, I looked behind and had made good ground. I span up the hill and heard Tom approaching. We both made it to the top at the same time. Just had to wait for our other mate to catch up.
    Back in the lanes towards Redborn. Dave left us as we went around the back of Hemel as he was flagging a bit. We had 20 miles to go and took the fast road from Redborn to St.Albans. I was out in front but about half way asked Tom if he would go out as I was struggling a little as we were into the wind. This worked and we were both up the last hill of the day (cheers for that Tom)
    We picked up the lanes back to Hemel and cycled around the back of the industrial estate where I left Tom and had 4 miles to make the 100k. A bit of "round the houses" and I was 20 yards from home when I had a rear puncture! I lent over the bars to the front door and was home.
    I needed that today. It sorted my head out. I was a bit emotional as I walked in, and am now as i type this. But I'm back. Cycling. Where I should be. Thanks to Tom and Dave for today, and thanks CC'ers for reading this. I know its gone off a bit from "your ride today" but a week ago I didn't think I'd be riding at all.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 15.51.37.png

    63 miles at 15.9 mph average. I'm happy with that.
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  3. Jon George

    Jon George Mamil and couldn't care less

    Suffolk an' Good
    :thumbsup: Well done!
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  4. ianrauk

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    Atop a Ti
    No one else was up for a long ride today, or otherwise engaged with other stuff. so I decided to resurrect one of my old 100 mile routes to Ashford in Kent and back. I haven't done it for a while now so was looking forward to getting reacquainted with those lovely Kent lanes. I got out of the door at 7.45am with the temperature gauge reading zero degrees. Got 2 miles in when I realised I had left my pump at home. I wasn't going to chance riding without it as you can be sure the puncture bastard will hit when you don't. So back home, pump grabbed and shoved in back pocket and back out again.

    We had quite a lot of rain on friday night and even though yesterday was a lovely sunny day, some of the lanes were still very wet and worse, was covered in ice. So for the first 20 miles I had to take it a little easier then usual, skirting round the ice patches. Formed from the rain run off from the fields.

    I dropped a PM to @young Ed to see if he would like to join me for some miles and got a reply saying he's love to, so I asked him to meet me at Staplehurst Station. I got there and no Ed. Ok, no problems, happy to wait for a bit. 15 minutes, no sign so got back on the bike and just as I was turning out of the station the young whippersnapper appeared.

    It was 15 miles to Ashford along the country lanes. Thankfully less of car which made for good progress. Nice to see Young Ed enjoying his new (ish) bike.
    It wasn't long until we got to Ashford. The station coffee shop is now closed so I decided on a petrol station stop and feast. And grabbed a fair old bargain. A BLT. Bag of crisps and a bottle of coke for £4.00, topped up with a bag of 3 donuts for £1.00.

    At the garage, I felt a tap on my was @AKA Bob , what is the chance of 2 CC'ers meeting at a random petrol station in Kent both of us 50 odd miles from home?

    Hey @Banjo .anything you recognise?
    2015-01-25 11.35.18.jpg

    And yes, I got the Roubaix out of hibernation, first ride in 18 months on it. And gawd blimey haven't I missed it. It just soaks up the miles with ease. I will not allow myself to leave it so long again.

    So time to hit the road back home..back through the country lanes, leaving Ed at Headcorn to make his way back home. I knocked out the last 30 miles quite quickly, really enjoying the Roubaix. Even taking a diversion to ride up Mote Road/Hill at Igtham, A bit of a beast.

    So, Ed got in his half century ride so good on him.
    I got my 3rd 100+ miler for the year.

    Pic of the route... and for the first time the Garmin 200 threw a wobbly, recording the return trip but not mapping part of it.
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  5. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Good luck with the COPD, and well done for that ride!
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  6. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Well done jay and well done Mrs jay for the well placed kick .sounds like you got some good mates there
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  7. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Chapeau, Sir! :bravo:
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  8. Maverick Goose

    Maverick Goose A jumped up pantry boy, who never knew his place

    :highfive::cheers: Chapeau! from me too!
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  9. gavgav

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    Well done!!
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  10. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    I've had a few little niggles this month like a cold at the beginning-mid month and hurting my knee on my first commute of 2015 which has just started to ease.
    On Tuesday evening that familiar cold feeling came on again..... But I'd said I wanted to do the imperial century a month, and I wasn't brave enough to leave it til next Saturday!
    My first loop was a 25 mile 9am start with Norman, it was really nice, no wind, a bit of ice about, but generally lovely. We rode down to Gamlingay.
    Once back home Mrs Dave was ready in her (my) thermal bib longs etc. she's not been out since early November, and in a few weekends she's on a bike in Mallorca with me so she needs to get back in the saddle!
    We did the Gransdens loop. It was a steady speed and considering the chill weather and no time on the bike Jo did really well.
    I left her at home and set out again to get the 100 in. I was going to head out toward Grafham Water but a fair headwind had got up, so I opted for a reverse of the loop with Norman this morning.
    I then went into Cambridge and rode around the usual tourist spots, but also out to far flung places like Chesterton where I normally don't cycle. I went over that impressive white cycle/ped bridge.
    Once back home I had to go round the block once just to ease that total over the 100 mile mark.
    There can be a hurricane next Saturday as far as I'm concerned!
  11. Basil.B

    Basil.B Veteran

    Longest ride this year for me, 35 miles.
  12. Nothing exciting a mere 16 miles around Whalley Langho and Blackburn then back home. It was a good job i took my cheapo Aldi pocket rocket as the light drizzle turned to heavy rain. When my hands get wet then cold it's time to head back home.
  13. I really enjoy reading through these rides,I don't manage it every week but when I do I often recognise many of the places / routes I have done in the past and of course it is always good to read about those I have ridden with in the past.
    A cracking day for riding and unfortunately we couldn't get out on the fixed bikes until nearly 1pm. It began with a bit of interest, we had only just set off, about 5oom done, crossing a roundabout I glance to my right and see a guy in all the gear on a road bike on the cycle path, think it a bit odd but then forgot about it. A mile further on we turned left into the wind and this same guy comes steaming past us with a quick hello. Now normally we would have let it go because we weren't at all warmed up, but the same thing happened yesterday within a half mile of the same place, on that occasion we went different ways a short distance further on. It seems to happen to us a lot and I am convinced it is a woman on a pink bike wearing a pink wooly hat that has them thinking "I will show her how quick I am, this will be an easy scalp".
    Back to today, we are travelling up a very slight gradient into the wind at around the 15 mph mark, after he overtakes dr_pink glances back at me and I say words to the effect "bloody hell not again". She takes this as a sign to accelerate and quickly closes the gap, we are moving at 16.4 mph, not bad I think into a headwind. Within a few hundred metres he quite literally bonked and went into a lowspinnycompactthingy. Dr_pink was very nice and asked him if he was from around here and he replied he was from Oakham same as us. We then left him.
    I have said this before, but please know what you are capable of before making an idiot of yourself, it would have been far more sensible to [in his shoes] sit a few metres back and see if our speed was compatible, or come alongside and have a chat.
    After all that we only did 42 miles but it was hilly and relatively quick, these 2 pics sum it up fairly well.

    Looking down on Rutland Water and Oakham
  14. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    Another training Run for next Sunday's event, I'll be glad when it's over, it's killing my legs! I miss my bike. 5.51 miles along the Old railway track and Grand Union Canal in Tiverton, feck me it was hard work, lovely canal though, really well maintained. My longest run ever ever ever.


    What was I doing in Tiverton? Don't ask!
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  15. Simontm

    Simontm Veteran

    Went through Bushy Park at about 11 and it has picked up a bit with cyclists :smile:
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