my ride today

  1. NorthernDave

    Anyone else having problems with Map My Ride today?

    Although I record all my rides on Garmin, I also used Map My Ride on my phone, with the audible updates telling me the miles, average speed, etc. This dates back to before I took the plunge and bought a Garmin, but also to ensure that if one of them doesn't work then I still have a record of the...
  2. Dave7

    On my ride today I came across this pleasant surprise

    Country lane.......nothing but farmland around. Some bastewards had left this lot. To me one of the worst types of crime as its against the planet and all mankind.
  3. gbb

    Your ride today....

    Mine was so good. (I did go for that ride...glad i did) Just over 20 miles, but since the rear ends a bit sore...:D:oops: Suns been shining here all day, 13 or 14 degrees, 15 mph winds made it a bit slow on the outrun, but fast home (20 -25 mph for 6 miles :D ). Very very glad i
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