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E- tadpole Triker
Hi Emma
Good see them still being used. Which trike do you prefer homebuilt or ice.
I like the shade of blue on the rear one. Are your home built trike's stiil electric.
All the trikes are still in use , although the middie drives ( ice ) are useful in the mountains the hub motors are more than adequate . Personally it's the home builts for me , the ice were a necessary evil ( not impressed should rename them "un ice " ) .
They solved an immediate problem but there has been many niggles with them . Moving handle bars in their clamps was a major problem , and l can't stand the Shimano steps on the sprint X. The compromised gearing of the electric change / automatic system proved to be more than a nuisance on the steep climbs the trike ran out of low gears on the ascents and high gears on the descents.
Price wise I think they have an over inflated price tag.
Overall we were unimpressed and it has gone to its new owner. Awaiting a new large workshop where we can build another couple of 20/20 trikes for our use.
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