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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by MediatedEfficiency, 25 Jun 2008.

  1. MediatedEfficiency

    MediatedEfficiency New Member

    Hi everyone-

    Besides being a cyclist based in London, I'm also a MSc media researcher at the London School of Economics. I'm conducting a study on people who make so-called 'green' choices (like commuting by cycle) and how they receive and react to info on other environmental issues--particularly energy efficiency. I'm hoping you might be willing to help me out.

    I've posted a brief web survey on the topic; it should take about 10 minutes to complete, is mostly multiple choice, and of course entirely anonymous. The link is here:

    Thanks for considering this! Happy to answer any questions before or after the survey; feel free to send me an email directly at

    Cheers, Ryan
  2. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
    Personally, I don't cycle because it's green, I cycle because it's faster, better, more fun, and more convenient than the other options. Green is a nice benefit, but isn't a part of my decision.
  3. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere

    Well, I do! Anyway, he was asking (very nicely) if you might do his survey not have an argument! ;) It is certainly not unreasonable to assume that cyclists in general might be greener than other groups of people.
  4. magnatom

    magnatom Guest

    It wasn't a major part of the reason that I started commuting by bike, but it is one of the reasons that I continue.

    Questionnaire completed! ;)
  5. betty swollocks

    betty swollocks large member

    Hi Ryan: I'm using Firefox on a Mac and your survey does not display well, to the extent that parts of some of the questions are lost.
    Hope this makes sense.
  6. Wolf04

    Wolf04 New Member

    Wallsend on Tyne
    I'm so green I even refuse to have a carbon frame so my carbon footprint doesn't go up :-). I've completed the survey but am with BentMikey on reasons for cycling.
  7. simoncc

    simoncc New Member

    Me too.
  8. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Third BM's opinion - it's faster than any other form of transport for me, and I can use it for training - so no sneaking out in the evening to get fit.... and commuting on a MTB every day makes using the road bikes a joy at weekends.......... = more free time for family stuff !

    I don't do it for economics or being green.......just reduces my NHS 'footprint'....long term....
  9. hackbike 6

    hackbike 6 New Member

    The Mile End Road.

    ...also here.Never owned a car.
  10. asterix

    asterix Comrade Member

    Limoges or York
    I don't know about being 'green' but I have been reading a bit about what life was like for people who didn't have a lot of fuel, be it coal or oil. It's staggering what a difference the availability of cheap convenient energy has made to our lives.

    It's also scary how we now take it for granted and are happy to waste it..
  11. Smeggers

    Smeggers New Member

    Personally the "green angle" puts me off the image of cycling and cyclists, but i still do it anyway because a) i dont care and ;) its fun.
  12. CopperBrompton

    CopperBrompton Bicycle: a means of transport between cake-stops

    As most have said, I cycle because it's fun and convenient, not because it's green. The survey findings would be hugely biased if you assumed that cyclists are 'greener' than average.
  13. Night Train

    Night Train Maker of Things

    Greater Manchester
    I cycle because I like being able to ride/drive/pilot every form of transport and I am able to choose which is the most suitable for my needs at the time. Cycling is also cheap, easy and available as well as fun.
  14. threefingerjoe

    threefingerjoe Über Member

    St. Louis, MO, USA
    I am concerned about the environment, but that is a side benefit. I started commuting by bike for the fun and relaxation. I wish I didn't have to own an automobile.

    I don't think his survey will necessarily be weighted by posting it on a cycling page. I expect that he has also posted it on many other websites, since he states that he is a media researcher. I presume that he is following accepted survey guidelines.
  15. hackbike 6

    hackbike 6 New Member

    The Mile End Road.
    I wish I didn't have to own an automobile.

    I don't and never have but i've been lucky.
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