chain cleaning

  1. Extremedalek

    Help! Step By Step Advice On Chain Cleaning

    Hi Everyone Very new around here and think its time I paid some attention to my chain and gave it a bit of TLC. With this in mind, I have purchased the following items: Bike chain cleaning tool Muc Off chain degreaser Muc Off wet lube From what I can gather the process goes something like...
  2. mikehorne

    chain cleaning...

    yes its probably been discussed a million times but... seem tempted to buy the Park Tool type cleaner for the complete automated process? however I do like to remove the chain and give it a proper clean? what and how do you do yours.....
  3. G

    Chain Cleaning Sponge

    Hi there I bought some Fenwick’s Chain Cleaning Sponges which are really good. I’ve been using these once, then throwing them away but I’ve since been told that these can be used more than once. What is the best way to clean them? Thanks J
  4. RobinS

    Chain cleaning and lubing on tour

    Off in a few weeks for a 4 - 5 month tour and sorting kit to take. Last year on a 3 month tour I took some random chain lube I had, and while away bought some WD40 to clean the chain etc, and after allowing it to dry relubed it. It was OK but not wonderful. Any suggestions of best lube to...
  5. R

    Chain cleaning and degreasing

    Ive been looking at previous posts about how often you should clean your chain and what you should use. What I am questioning though is if I go out on my bike 3-4 times a week and wash it when I get home, do I need to degrease it and then lube it back up everytime? If not which I assume you...
  6. C

    chain cleaning do any of you use this?

    Hi guys:hello:when cleaning your bike chain any of you spray muc off mo94 or bike protect spray on chain before you lube? Muc off say spray mo94 or bike protect on chain after you water rinse de greaser/chain cleaner off to drive out any moisture left on the chain. That could explain why my lube...
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