chain reaction

  1. Mralexrides

    Chain Reaction Cycles returns- Rebound

    Anyone know if with rebound tracking you need to still send via special delivery or recorded? Or is rebound safe enough to send with standard royal mail no tracking. As the rebound comes with tracking it says.. Its £141 order im sending back.. So want to know if anyone else has tried it.
  2. 3narf

    Why is Chain Reaction constantly down?

    I keep getting 'privacy error'; I assume it's not just me! :ohmy:
  3. stoatsngroats

    Chain Reaction Cycles - web order Positives 🙂

    Ordered a Moon Comet on Saturday evening and it has just arrived! That’s pretty damn good isn’t it?
  4. Blue Hills

    Chain reaction check out problems?

    Anyone else had this lately. Couple of days ago I had this repeatedly and had to give up. Kept saying there was a problem, then later said my credit card type wasn't valid. Couldn't be a card/credit/bank problem as I had used it the day before on another site and all was well and in any case...
  5. vickster

    Bravo Chain Reaction Cycles

    Ordered and fitted a couple of wired Schwalbe Durano Raceguard tyres (700x32cm) for my CX. Noticed an odd bulge in the unworn front tyre. Assumed it was just a kink from how it was delivered (in a big bag). Have been riding on it for a bit with no issues, assumed would de-kink with time...
  6. roadrash

    not looking good for an post chain reaction

    The clock is ticking with only ten days to find a new main sponsor and submit application to uci for 2018 race licence...
  7. CycleChat

    Chain Reaction Cycles - Road and MTB Warehouse Clearance For extra discount enter the promo code WHSE2017 (minimum spend required - see T&Cs)
  8. CycleChat

    Offer: RockShox Reverb Dropper Seatpost now £199.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
  9. Cuchilo

    British cycling discount with Chain reaction

    Is this still a thing ? Ive just ordered some overshoes ( that where discounted anyway so not too bothered ) but couldn't find a BC discount thingy place code whatsit .
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