1. S

    Collision Investigations - Gov Consultation

    Might be of interest to victims or emergency service professionals. Closes 9th Dec
  2. confusedcyclist

    cyclist and pedestrian down

    Last night's commute home was a total disaster. lemme' splain. Two pedestrians stepped out in front of me without looking. Watching the footage back I had less than 2 seconds between them stepping out and and colliding with one of them, it all happened so quick. I didn't have room to swerve as...
  3. N


    I was heading out of Kingston this morning towards Richmond at 06:30, on the two way dedicated cycle lane. The only other person around was a cyclist with no lights and no helmet coming in the opposite direction on the road. As we approach each other he wobbled across the road bumped over the...
  4. Brandane

    Cyclist in fatal collision, near Glasgow Airport.

    BBC News report. Car v. Cyclist on Greenock Road, Inchinnan, at the north side of the airport. Sad news, and on a road which I have ridden on quite a few occasions which brings it home that it can happen to anyone. Be careful out there, and RIP the 51 year old male cyclist involved.
  5. PaulB

    Cyclist dies after collision with minibus in Blackburn.
  6. Stonechat

    Collision in Chobham

    I cycle often through Chobham There is a brief report of an incident with a collision between a car and cyclist where the air ambulance was called, but seems to have facial injuries...
  7. sarahale

    Saw a cyclist hit a lorry today.

    He pulled out as the lorry was passing so smacked straight into the side and then went flying. 71 years old and by the looks of things was very lucky with just a knock to the head and hand injury, I just kept him talking whilst waiting for help and he seemed very with it so hopefully his head...
  8. Chris S

    Another onside collision with an HGV

    Last week a teenage cyclist was seriously injured by an HGV moving into the inside lane. It was passing a car that had stopped to turn right. That stretch of road has a shared usage cycle-path on the pavement but it's so bumpy that people risk their lives on the roads, quite literally. There...
  9. Pale Rider

    Charlie Alliston case - fixie rider accused of causing pedestrian death

    A cyclist has been charged following a fatal collision with a pedestrian. Details are scant, but it appears Charlie Alliston hit Kim Briggs as she used a pedestrian crossing in Old Street, central London. Ms Briggs died 'about a week later' in hospital. The charge 'causing bodily harm by...
  10. confusedcyclist

    seeking damages for minor collision

    Is it reasonable to expect a negligent driver to pay for new components to replace cosmetically damaged stuff after a collision? I ask as I was knocked off my bike by a driver who was either too impatient or too incompetent to look, use mirrors or indicate before left hooking me. Luckily I saw...
  11. Pale Rider

    Cyclist killed in lorry collision

    Oh dear, another female cyclist has died following a collision with a lorry. There's no good news here, but it's worth pointing out the number of deaths in Greater London has declined dramatically. I think this is the first death in the Greater London area for about 11 months, or it may be the...
  12. Drago

    Ouch! (explicit accident footage)

    Not specifically cycling related, but still on a road safety theme so I pray forgiveness. This guy got away with minor injuries... (It's nasty, so don't watch if you're easily shocked)...
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