disk brakes

  1. B

    Disk brakes verses rims

    My ebike has hydraulic rim brakes and have been trouble free .My first bike had disk on the front and rim on the back I was always having to adjust the disk brake ,my friends all have disk brakes on there's and always trying to adjust there's ,reading up on ebikes disk brakes seem to be popular...
  2. gasinayr

    hydrolic disk brakes

    havn't used my trek mountain bike for a while got it out yesterday and found that the rear brake was locked on and the level was solid. Had to open bleed nipple on lever to release some fluid for it to release. Seems like the fluid had expanded while sitting
  3. Alex H

    Circlips for Disk Brakes

    Looking at replacing the pads on our Pino. The bolt holding the pads in place has a circlip on the end that looks like these. As they are small enough to lose quit easily, I thought I might get a few spares. Anyone any idea where I might get them and is there a 'proper' name for them?
  4. GmanUK65

    New brakepads on SRAM Apex disk brakes not quite right

    My front brake pads wore down to the metal so bought some new ones. The official ones for SRAM Apex are £25, too expensive. I came across some Noah & Theo pads for a much cheaper price so bought them. A friend advised me to buy them as they worked fine on his though I don't know what brand and...
  5. W

    This is my new bike, will I need hydraulic disk brakes

    Hi everyone I am new to road cycling and this will be my first bike,I have been on a friends road bike a few times and really enjoy it. https://www.cube.eu/en/2020/bikes/road/road/attain/cube-attain-race-blacknwhite-2020/ First of all what are your views on this? I was wondering if I needed...
  6. Black Sheep

    why are my hydraulic disk brakes so bad?

    I built my mountain bike in 2006 with Deore hydraulic disk brakes and they worked great The bike was in fairly regular use for a number of years until about 2011 when, for various reasons I stopped riding. In the past couple of years I've been using it again but the brakes are crap, they just...
  7. G

    Squeeking disk brakes

    I have recently acquired a wonderful squeeking/screeching sound from the brakes when applied fully and wondered if anyone had any tips on what I can do before taking it to the local bike shop. I have tried wipe down the discs and giving the bike and wheels a thorough clean that reduces the noise...
  8. P

    Disk brakes conversion possible?

    I have basic frame old school beach cruiser i want to install disk brakes in the front only. 1. How to mount rotor my wheel hub is basic no thread or mounting holes it. Do i need to purchase new wheel or there's some adapter? I found this thing it threads on the hub, am i supposed to use rear...
  9. Freelanderuk

    Shimano BR-RS405 Disk brakes

    I have a pair of BR-RS405 front and rear hydraulic brake calipers for sale These are brand new with fitting kits and pads for 160mm rotor's I also have 2 hydraulic brake leavers that will work these brakes , these are used but unmarked as of my flat bar to drop convertion £60 posted Any...
  10. Black Sheep

    MTB disk brakes feeling a bit lacking...

    in 2006 I fitted deore hydraulic disk brakes to my mountain bike and the braking performance was pretty good. They now feel to be quite lacking, even compared to my wife's cable pull disk brakes on a much newer bike. admittedly the pads are the original ones from 2006, the fluid in the...
  11. C

    Disk brakes

    hi all, I have a mountain bike and the brake Cable is coming out of hand brake slot when braking if you get what I'm saying lol. Any ideas ?? Cycle lover
  12. yadder

    Setup disc brake braket on the frame Comanche. Painting

    Cheers. My new client have that steel frame Comanche. Frame and fork don't have disc bracket. So i made custom braket and weld their on fram and fork. Also made tube enhancer between chain and seat stays. And owner fram want paint frameset on the color 430 Olive. I use akryl paint two...
  13. D

    Poor disc brake performance

    Hi All I have a Croix de Fer with TRP HyRd disc brakes. I have never been entirely happy with them, but I guess over time I have got used to them. I have tried various different discs and pads (including changing to resin ones) but nothing really seems to make them any better. I rode my...
  14. glasgowcyclist

    Another noisy disc brake thread

    After 10 months of silent operation from new, my Shimano M396 hydraulic discs began squealing like banshees. I cleaned the pads and discs with brake cleaner, which briefly alleviated the problem but it came back. I bought new Shimano pads (F&R), cleaned the discs again and fitted them -...

    Itermittant braking with disk brakes.

    Hi. Just bought a new Pedelec mountain bike over the internet. All is working well apart from the disk brakes that have a severe case of ABS. Hard braking is DIABOLICAL, intermittantly grabbing and fading. I had the bike safety checked when I got it and mentioned the brakes but although...
  16. theclaud

    Idiots' Guide to Road Disc Brakes

    I could look up all this stuff, of course, but I am hoping it is easier to pick the brains of CC peeps. I am building a new all-season commuter/workhorse. The frame is a Kaffenback. The idea is to have a tough disc-braked road bike, so as to stop wearing away so many rims with the salt-and-sand...
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