harry quinn

  1. DCLane

    New arrival: Harry Quinn poss. 1959

    This evening I picked up (another) winter project; a 53cm-size c.1959 Harry Quinn. It's missing a seatpost and saddle and will need a new chain but otherwise is in excellent condition - it's been well looked after. I'm not sold on the 'shortie' mudguards though despite having some in the early...
  2. rogerzilla

    What tubing did Harry Quinn use on basic models?

    1978 frame, 23.5", just under 4lb 12oz for the bare frame, so there is at least some butted tubing in there - full 531DB in this size would be about 4lb 8oz and I have a smaller straight gauge 531 frame that is comfortably over 5lb. Seat post is 27.0. I'm thinking it's either a 531 mix (Super...
  3. rogerzilla

    Dating a Harry Quinn

    It's a pure track frameset with fork clearance for no more than a 23mm tyre (even with a sculpted crown). Numbered Q2388 on frame and fork - the Q is characteristically made from a "0" and "1" stamp. Very light - just over 4lb 2oz for bare frame without fork. Were numbers allocated...
  4. Nigel182

    SOLD Harry Quinn Roadbike

    Due to a major Reshuffle of Stable this has to go Was brought from this Parish, and since acquiring i've fitted new old stock Campagnolo Chainset, Brake Levers and Downtube Shifters Front mech is Campag and the rear is Campagnolo Nuovo Record. And it's a 7 speed with Shimano 105 Yellow...
  5. marzjennings

    Harry Quinn Bike?

    Hi, need some help with info on Harry Quinn bikes. This bike just popped up on the local craiglist for less than £100 and I don't know if that's good value or not. Frame is rusty with a mix-mash of parts.
  6. Nigel182

    My Harry Quinn

    Got this Yesterday now to let the "Fettling" Begin.
  7. biggs682

    Harry Quinn Road Bike with modernish running gear SOLD

    Its time for me to sell my Harry Quinn road bike It was made in 1968 at Walton Road and carries the frame number Q2297 and also still has the matching fork . Its a 22 1/4" or 56 cm measured from centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt and aprox 22 3/4" or 57.5 cm along the top tube centre...
  8. biggs682

    Harry Quinn Frameset with issue please read Withdrawn

    For Sale Harry Quinn frame set Q2297 with issues . please note the bottom bracket bearing cups/carriers for what i believe a Campagnola Ultra Torque crank set ARE BONDED INTO PLACE rather than screwed as per normal !!! I am led to understand this was done due to the threads being to weak to...
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