1. Lovacott

    My Easy Guide To Indexing Gears Which Have Gone A Bit Out Of Kilter

    1. Learn that clockwise on a barrel adjuster loosens a cable and counter clockwise tightens it. That's all folks....
  2. Lovacott

    Indexing Your Gears Is a Compromise Rather Than An Absolute.

    After having spent the last year getting to know my gearing and how it works, I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a one size suits all perfect setup. For my ride in and back from work, it's important that I can change down in a flash as the gradients get steeper. A very...
  3. Lovacott

    Indexing a 3 x 7

    Over the last month or so, I have been progressively swapping out my drivetrain and after each change, I have had to make a few adjustments to my indexing. I've learned a lot on here and also from videos on sites like GCN and Park Tools. As of about an hour ago, I have everything changed out...
  4. Fifelad

    Gear indexing perfectly except for the lowest gear

    I have recently replaced my rear gear cable, and the indexing is perfect, except that the lowest gear even though the chain shifts on to the biggest cog no bother, there is a noise where the chain appears to be not sitting dead right on the jockey wheels. Any ideas ?
  5. S

    Gear indexing woes.

    So, replaced gear cable and struggling to get indexing right. Chain on smallest cog. Wound the barrel adjuster in. Set lower and higher limit screws. Clicked the shifter 1 click up. Unscrewed barrel adjuster until chain moved onto next cog up. Click the shifter 1 down but chain won't drop back...
  6. Jonathing

    New bike indexing

    I've been a very good boy and had a new bike from Planet X for Christmas. I cannot for the life of me get the gears to play nicely. When I change up it's fine but changing down (larger sprocket) the chain over shoots slightly and I then need to change up twice in order to move one sprocket. I've...
  7. stuarttunstall

    Indexing gears..Shimano XT RD-T8000-SGS

    Hi all, I did ask this in one of my other threads but thought here may be a better option,, My Scott Sub Cross 10 is fitted with the Shimano XT RD-T8000-SGS / Shadow Type / 30 Speed derailleur... Today I noticed that when I changed down a gear it worked perfect i.e small to large, but when...
  8. Dic Deryn

    Shimano 105 Indexing Stress!

    Hi all. I have recently set about replacing my 105 11spd derailleur due to wear and tear of about 6,000 miles of riding in all Welsh weathers. This is a job I have done on my other bikes previously, so not a complete newby, but, I am finding the set up to be a bit of challenging, namely getting...
  9. S

    Is 5 & 6 speed Shimano indexing compatible?

    I might want to swap a 6 speed MTB rear wheel into a frame which currently has a 5 speed freewheel and 5 speed SIS handlebar shifter. Apart from me not being able to use all six rear gears, will the 5 speed indexing still work ok on the 6 speed freewheel or are the sprocket spacings different?
  10. steveindenmark

    Indexing question

    Improving my bike maintenence knowledge is on my New Years resolution list. In the meantime I could use some help. I have a Cannondale 10 speed racer with 105 gearing. When I shift the gears on the rear cassette the shifter clicks for the first 4 gears but the chain does not move. On the 5th...
  11. C

    Forum Indexing out again

    It might be happening elsewhere as well but the Ultimate Jeremy Corbyn thread has gone squiffy and I'm not meaning the contributions. It's randomly juxtaposing posts in an order designed to make us make even less sense than we normally do. Or it might be better, I dunno.
  12. C

    Gear indexing issue

    Hi folks. I'm pulling my hair out here with my road bike. The rear gear indexing was becoming hard to maintain. So I've fully serviced the bike as it had been a while any way and I've had it before where a bit of crap gets in the cable and causes issues. So I've fitted a new chain, new cables...
  13. B

    Indexing Issues

    I have replaced the wheel rear on my bike from the stock wheel to Fulcrum 5 Racing LG. It has a spacer for 10 speed cassettes, so I: Removed the cassette from old wheel Added the spacer to new wheel Added the cassette (10 speed 105) Tightened lock ring Indexed The problem I am having is that...
  14. RichardB

    Getting the indexing right

    Hoping someone can offer some advice. It's my electric commuter bike, which has 1 x 9 gears, with a Shimano Deore rear mech and an Alivio shifter. The gear shifting has never been 100% right, even from new. I took it back to the dealer, who spent a while with it and improved the changing, but...
  15. EasyPeez

    Gear indexing w/barrel adjuster - which direction?!

    Hi, I'm about to attempt to index the gears on my bike and am a bit confused. The instructions in my Haynes manual say to turn the barrel adjuster "away from the bike frame to tighten the gear cable and encourage the derailleur pull the chain up to the bigger sprockets" and "towards the frame...
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