1. wafter

    Chinese Takeaway - a small-time epic journey with project Ofo

    I'm sure most of you need no introduction to the Ofo dockless bike, with these bright yellow shared rides having become a common site in cities across the world for a brief couple of years, before the Chinese venture went south and the company dissolved its international operations in mid-2018...
  2. bluezelos

    Garmin not showing correct cycle journey distance

    First time I have had this problem. Garmin Edge 820 explore has just shown a total journey distance of 5 miles when the journey is in fact 15. It also shown my average speed at 8mph when it's always around 15. Totally out of sync, any ideas why this is happening. It was a dull and overcast day...
  3. nickAKA

    How long does a journey have to be before you can call it 'touring'?

    I ask purely because I'm thinking of organising a saunter from Manchester to Amsterdam via the Hull-Rotterdam ferry with a some mates... once we're out of Greater Manchester it's a flat 160 miles split 60/40 by an overnight on the ferry, a night or two in the 'Dam & then back... it's not a...
  4. Globalti

    Tomorrow evening on Michael Portaloo's Railway Journey.

    He's now in Lancashire and today (Tuesday) he visits the Clarion House in Roughlee near Nelson. The Clarion was a Socialist movement that encouraged Lancashire mill workers to get out on foot and on bike at weekends. The Clarion house is a friendly place that will serve you a pint of tea for...
  5. D

    The journey to accreditation

    Starts Monday with week 1 of the beginners course at Newport, done a couple of corporate days before but excited to be getting into track riding more regularly
  6. swansonj

    M40 journey planning assistance

    I need to drive down the M40 from Warwick and at some point park the car and switch to train to continue into central London. Can anyone with local knowledge advise on where to make the switch for the quickest overall journey? Beaconsfield? High Wycombe? Hillingdon? All advice received...
  7. Spinney

    Have you got two hours to spare? BBC cameras on the Dalesman bus route through the Yorkshire Dales. On a sunny day in spring, by the looks of the hedgerows. I haven't watched it myself - keeping it for this evening - this is not the kind of discovery I...
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