1. U

    How to navigate this right turn?

    Not the most crazy junction I know but for me it is the hairiest part of my commute. I have to make a right turn at the next lights up from the one posted in the link (200 metres further on). As I approach the lights in the below link they are often on red or traffic pretty slow/static anyway...
  2. Twilkes

    Courteous use of cycle lane

    On my route there is a segregated cycle lane that, if I used it, I would be on it for about 15 seconds before having to get back into the traffic, or sit for 2 minutes waiting for the cycle filter lights at the end to turn green. I can travel about 20-22mph down that section of road so I tend to...
  3. I

    Car's door

    What is your solution about parked cars? How do you avoid this situation? I'm cycling for a year and luckily this was my first experience with an open door. Car was following me on my right. On a video it doesn't look too scary, but actually it was. View...
  4. totallyfixed

    Who has right of way?

    Following on from the cycle path question, who has right of way where a cycle path runs alongside a main road and is intersected by minor roads / driveways, logically it ought to be the cyclist who is continuing straight on, whereas a vehicle approaching the main road from one of the minor roads...
  5. jefmcg

    Nice when riding in primary REALLY works

    @vickster and I found ourselves on the A243 on Saturday morning. Big oops!. It's dual carriage way, national speed limit and most of the drivers have probably just left the motorway. But the traffic was very quiet, and visibility was good. After a couple of close passes when the other lane...
  6. P

    Stop Lines at Traffic Lights

    When a traffic light is red, you stop at the solid stop line. At this location:,-0.1162732,3a,75y,304.74h,82.39t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCTQocimHFHriW_BRlINhpg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en the stop line is broken for cyclists. The traffic lights are...
  7. GuyBoden

    Cycling safety in Traffic advice.

    Any good advice (or links) about Cycling safety in Traffic would be gratefully received.
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