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  1. robgul

    SOLD Tour de France backpack - NEW

    Special edition Tour de France backpack yellow (obviously!) with black trim and blue straps. Size (flat) 48 x 34cm (don't know capacity, but looks roomy) Brand new and unused in the original bag, with the TdeF carrier bag too. £15 - collect from Stratford-upon-Avon or postage at cost...
  2. mickle

    SOLD! Pop-Up Tour de France book
  3. Adam4868

    Tour de France 2020 NO SPOILERS !

    I'm bored now the season is over... View:
  4. KneesUp

    Eighty best pictures from the 2019 Tour de France

    Might be of interest to some - I've not looked through all of them yet, but I bet there is a black and white one of a rider looking exhausted, in a confined space (hotel room or press room) with one of the jerseys in the background :-)...
  5. R

    Watching Tour de France

    Amazing the speeds these guys get up to and it looks so casual and easy for them.. I’ve been watching the speed of pedal rotation they going at and l’m sure l go at a similar pedal speed but no way do l reach the speeds they do .. Can someone explain why these cyclist go so much faster at what...
  6. C

    2019 Tour De France Fantasy League game

    Velogames isn't running it this year, so we've chosen Road.CC. Dayvo has set the league up as per below. I've pulled this out of the Tour De France thread where it was buried - We're doing the Purist league by the way, no transfers.
  7. EltonFrog

    BSA Tour de France road bike. *SOLD*

    Everything you need know is here and here £150.00 to you. Just about covers what I spent on it. Based in South Oxfordshire, will pack and post.
  8. rich p

    Tour de France 2019 **SPOILERS**

    I thought it was about time we started to speculate wildly about the Grand Boucle Shame that FroomeDawg won't be there but plenty of others in a seemingly open race. Quintana, a busted flush? Dumoulin, a flushing toilet? Bernal or Thomas for Ineos Pinot a better French hope than Bardet...
  9. steveindenmark

    Tour de France starting in Denmark 2021

    The tour is starting in Denmark in 2021 and there is a good chance it will come right past my house. Who is coming to visit :0)
  10. gavroche

    Tour de France 2019.

    The route will officially be announced on Thursday at 10am , English time. From what I have seen so far, I fail to see why it is still called TdF as the 2019 one will be mostly on the East and Pyrenees. I remember when the TdF used to cover most parts of France. By the way, there will be no...
  11. EltonFrog

    BSA Tour de France

    As mentioned in the other thread I’ve made a start on mine. The bike is now a box of bits. From this to this. To this Can someone tell me if this (below) comes off and if so how ?
  12. Shadow

    Cycle Chat Velogames Tour de France 2018

    Enter here. Surprised nobody has started this yet as the CC League already has 5 other teams entered!
  13. R

    Tips for setting up and adjusting my Simplex tour de france changer aka derailleur

    Hey guys :) I'm still in a pickle of setting up my 1940's Simplex Tour de France changer aka derailleur (this derailleur was called changer back in the old old days) and cycleops recommended me to ask someone on here who has messed with this type of derailleur before to get some tips and...
  14. rich p

    Tour de France 2018 **SPOILERS**

    Time to start the speculation and soothsaying. Is Bardet good enough to provide France with their first home winner since the Dark Ages? Will Froomedawg be allowed to ride, keep his result, recover from the Giro? Will Thomas and Bernal be Plan B and C? Will Tom Dumoulin ride? Will Valverde...
  15. R

    Need tips on setting up my 1940's Tour de France derailleur

    Hey guys. I need some tips on setting up my 1940's Tour de France derailleur, as I've never set up one of these ''odd'' and ''different'' breed of animals; if you catch my drift. I know that this derailleur works with only three cogs in the rear, and I am wondering if it will work on my 80's...
  16. R

    Got my 1940 era SIMPLEX Tour de France derailleur

    I watched the mailman go by my house, opened the mailbox, saw a package in it, carried it into the house, opened it up and got a surprise. I got my 1940 era SIMPLEX Tour de France rear derailleur. I'm saving it for when I either find or build my own French Tour de France bike, and I will learn...
  17. R

    Is anyone here experienced with setting up a 1930's / 1940's era Simplex Tour de France Derailleur?

    I just bought a 1930's (OR) 1940's era Simplex Tour de France derailleur from ebay last night and I am just wondering if anyone here has set one up before. I hear they're a pain to setup because of the push rod/plunger design. Mine is arriving in a few weeks (coming from a foreign country :=)...
  18. fimm

    ASO pulls Tour de France from UCI world tour "Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) has announced that it is to withdraw all of its races from the UCI WorldTour from 2017....In a press release, ASO said it had registered its events on the UCI hors catégorie calendar for...
  19. Pro Tour Punditry

    2016 Tour de France Route (to be unveiled on 20.10.15)

    Ahead on next week's route announcement, here is an excellent article making the case for less well known climbs to be included in the Tour; as is highlighted in the article there is the potential for the best French climbs in a Grand Tour next year being in the Giro d'Italia - Col Agnel, Col de...
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