1989 Peugeot skip find restoration

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by Teuchter, 2 Aug 2012.

  1. Teuchter

    Teuchter Über Member

    Erskine, Scotland
    At the weekend I finished a project road bike that I'd found in a local skip. This was it as I found it. Knackered steel wheels, missing chain and saddle and needing a general tidy up. I'd never heard of the brand (Fuzion) but on the plus side, I'd been on the lookout for a winter commuting bike and it was just the size I was looking for. I decided that if I could get the stem and seatpost out, I'd give fixing it a go.
    It all came apart easily but I still had no idea what it was until I started rubbing down the paintwork to redo it in black hammerite (easier to touch up the inevitable scrapes from commuting use and abuse than a spray paint job and it wasn't worth anything more elaborate).

    I've been able to identify it as a 1989 Peugeot Le Tour. It has a low end Carbolite frame and components but will do the job I'm asking of it fine.

    The finished bike.
    Here's what I used on it:
    Original parts retained:
    Peugeot carbolite frame and forks (repainted in black smooth Hammerite I had lying around)
    stem and handlebars
    seat post
    CLB brake calipers
    bottom bracket
    Sachs-Huret front derailleur
    Sachs-Huret downtube shifters

    New replacement parts:
    wheels (cheap Weinmann alloy rims on even cheaper hubs)
    6 speed freewheel
    Tektro brake levers
    Brake and gear cables
    Brake blocks
    Bar tape

    Parts bin or 2nd hand replacement parts:
    Schwalbe marathon plus tyres (parts bin)
    San Marco Rolls saddle (parts bin)
    MKS pedals with metal toe clips (parts bin)
    Shimano 600 rear derailleur (eBay)

    I've done about 40 miles on it this week so far and it's a nice, comfortable ride. First time using downtube shifters for a few years but that's quickly becoming second nature again once I got myself out of the habit of trying to shift using brifters.

    Mudguards and a rack will hopefully be next to finish it off for its intended purpose.

    I've documented the build with photos here:
  2. MattHB

    MattHB Proud Daddy

    What a great job :smile: lovely looking bike now
  3. Alex11

    Alex11 Active Member

    South West
    Absolute corker.

    Where did you find this in a skip?!
  4. Alan Whicker

    Alan Whicker Senior Member

    Lovely. How come I only find BSOs in skips?
  5. OP

    Teuchter Über Member

    Erskine, Scotland
    Thanks for the comments. I've never brush painted a frame before but pleased enough with how it came out - at least for commuting duties.

    The bike was in a local council recycling centre. I always have a look in the metal skip if I'm dropping anything off there and on seeing this, offered one of the workers a tenner for it once he'd fished it out. He did ask if I wouldn't prefer the garishly decalled, full suspension supermarket mountain bike that was also in there...
  6. Alex11

    Alex11 Active Member

    South West
    Brilliant :-) I'll definitely be down to the local recycling then!

    I once tried to spray a frame and it went horribly. Brush painting sounds a lot better. So you primed it with a spray can and then brushed on the finish? What paint finish was it?
  7. OP

    Teuchter Über Member

    Erskine, Scotland
    Top coat is smooth hammerite (used to be called smoothrite which is less of a contradiction in terms). You're right, I sprayed the base coat using a can of Zinc 182 anti rust primer that I had in the shed. After the base coat and again after the final top coat I put the frame in the airing cupboard for a week where it would be nice and warm to help cure the paint. Don't know how much difference this made but it annoyed the wife no end ^_^.

    Painting by brush or spray is all about the preparation. Keep things clean, don't apply too thick a coat (especially when spraying) and rub down with a fine grit sanding sponge between each coat. I used to do airbrushing and have spray painted car panels, motorbikes and one bicycle frame (that stil looks ok after a couple of years of commuting). The main reason I went for brush painting this time was for ease of touching up the paint in future.
  8. Boris Bajic

    Boris Bajic Guest

    You found my old Peugeot?

    It meant so much to me and my life has been an absolute shambles since it was stolen, resprayed and thrown in a skip.

    I can hardly believe it. This has absolutely made my year. I don't know how to thank you...

    When can I come and get it?
  9. OP

    Teuchter Über Member

    Erskine, Scotland
    My suspicions exactly when I found it had been resprayed however it's been so long since it had been done (judging by the post-respray surface rust and general condition of the bike) that I don't think it's worth worrying about. All I've done is taken a long dead bike that was destined to be recycled into bean cans and given it a new lease of life.

    If however your post wasn't tongue in cheek, you're welcome to come and collect it as soon as I have returned it to the condition in which I found it :boxing:
  10. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    nice find
  11. ohnovino

    ohnovino Large Member

    Congratulations, that looks beautiful.

    Are the chainstays dented or is that part of the design?
  12. OP

    Teuchter Über Member

    Erskine, Scotland

    They're designed that way, presumably to give more clearance for the wheel and the chainrings.
  13. Alex11

    Alex11 Active Member

    South West
    I've got a power coater very near to me, I'd rather have it done professionally to be honest! - I really don't trust myself with any painting jobs, brush or spray cans..

    I wonder whether if I asked him to slip in in at some point when he's got a free moment he would do me a single colour paint job - anyone got any ideas how much that would be?
  14. Cyclopathic

    Cyclopathic Veteran

    I like what you have achieved here. How much do you reckon you had to spend to get it like that?
  15. jim55

    jim55 Über Member

    Single colour paint job up here in Glasgow iv had a price of 55 but I suppose it depends where u are , no doubt a fancy place in London is dearer
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