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what tyres do people recommend for touring laden in 32mm prefer good puncture resistant ones have Schwalbe marathon plus on but they are 37mm and want to go down to 32mm


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I’m happy with Durano raceguard. Spa sell them

There’s a plus version too, maybe not in 32 though
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Indeed but they are slow, heavy and slippy though abs hard to get on! :laugh:
I've got some Continental 'Super Sport Plus' with Anti Puncture Belt in 25mm on my light touring bike, they were an absolute pig to get on the first time, similar to Marathons in that the bead doesn't want to sit in the well cos the 'belt' is trying to flare the beads outwards. :cursing:


Take a look at the Bontrager AW series - they come in a 32, nice and supple - reasonably easy to get on and off and good puncture protection. Nice and grippy too - good alround performance tyre.
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme are available in 32mm from Spa at a great price - I use them and they are superb. Very light, very low rolling resistance, no punctures in several thousand miles. Half the weight of the Marathon Plus (saving 900g!) and a third less rolling resistance. Tested here
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