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Uphill? :whistle:
Got told off by the wife for going over 30mph the other day...said she was going to shop me to the law! I did explain that it was a 50mph speed limit...but the cheek of it!
Nice one.

It only takes about a 7% hill to hit those types of speeds.
And I'm just about ready to shift into top gear at that speed .......... :P


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I have found a road with a lovely long downhill stretch. Problem is it is out in the countryside with a wood all down the left side with deer in it. I have already seen deer jump out and cross the road so a bit scared to risk going too fast.


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I have a hell hill in each direction in my neighborhood that I can get over 40 mph for a short time on. I rarely even pedal down them. The bad part is I have to climb them first thing whenever I leave. I rarely push it over 40 on them, one of them always has kids playing in the middle of the street. Yesterday coming home I was on pace for a new PR for one of my routes and was going to blast one of the hills coming in, was cranking hard around the last turn up to about 25 mph early then looked at where I would be topping out at and there was a two or three year old swinging a bat at a ball, his kitten, his dad and his dad's friend.

I had to get on my brakes rather hard and very early so I can go by the kid at about 4 mph because he was in the middle of the road and didn't see me until I started doing my Road Runner beep beep impersonation..which I do pretty well btw, the kid seemed to like it. Then I had to slow down to the point I was about to have to unclick my pedals because the kitten was in the middle of the road and must have been too young to have seen Road Runner yet because he looked totally oblivious to my presence. All this is going on at the very bottom of the hill, which I now have to climb the other side without any momentum. I didn't set a new personal record for that route :angry:...yet. But I might today. :hyper: ...........sorry, I get carried away sometimes, I am really a quiet person...honest.


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My top speed on a bike was fifty eight miles an hour, that was quite frightening as you could actually feel the (steel) frame flexing
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