A nursery in my street

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Someone has opened a childrens' nursery in a house in my street - should I be concerned?

The street is a typical Victorian terrace, made up of about 10 houses on either side.

The nursery is in one of the end houses, several doors down from me.

No worries with noise, although I wouldn't want it next door.

I have noticed some extra traffic, and have had to wait to pass a double parked mummy a few times.

While this doesn't ruin my day, extra traffic is a good reason for not using a house as a business.

I'm also not keen on lots of extra pairs of eyes driving past my property.

No doubt most of those using the nursery are law abiding, but the fewer people who see me leaving home on one of my nice, shiny bikes the better.

Are my concerns reasonable?

Does anyone else have experience of a business opening in a residential street?
Either than or more parents around at all times of the day making suspicious behaviour more likely to be seen.

Life goes on. If you don't want people around go live in a farm.


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I think your concerns are reasonable. When I was growing up, the lady the next road up ran a small day care in her home. There would be a little traffic during the morning and evening drop off and pick up hours but she did have a wide drive way that was two cars wide and several cars could park in at once. I only remember cars parked on the roadside a couple of times. I never saw it as a problem. The traffic issue could be a little annoying I guess but other than that the only thing I could think of is if you are trying to sleep during the day and they let them go outside to play. There is now an elementary school not so far from my home and when they let them out for recess it sounds like wild demons and banshees released from hell. I am lucky that the school is just far enough away that I just smile and find it sort of amusing when I hear it.
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Either than or more parents around at all times of the day making suspicious behaviour more likely to be seen.

Life goes on. If you don't want people around go live in a farm.
I take the point, although your comment shows you know very little about farms.

I was brought up on one - there's never any peace, lots of comings and goings during the day, particularly if you were flogging some produce at the gate and, as we did, have some paid labour.

Conversely, living in a terraced house, surrounded by neighbours, can be an isolated existence.

Still, back to businesses in houses....


They may need planning permission to open such a place, of which you should have been notified.

I wouldn't want a nursery on my road for the reason you have given, albeit if the number of kids is less than 10 I'm not sure I'd be too concerned.

Generally, nurseries are serving a good community service.


What’s the point
this has got to be a piss take. i bet the person who complained is a right NIMBY ( I am guessing from the way it is written PR didn't make the complaint )


Assuming they have gone through the planning rigmarole and abide by the restrictions its a done deal.....



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There is one in a large Victorian house directly opposite my home. The nursery kids walk to the shops (300m), chaperoned by umpteen earnest looking staff, the kids all hold hands in a chain, they wear high viz vests and flashing LED ankle straps. It drives me friggin mental. :cursing:
Who has complained apart from the op in this thread and his worry about a house several houses away having some kids looked after so their parents can go to work?

It's all a bit nimby and pathetic I'm afaid.
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