Accie's fake Rolex.

I've heard that new, not so much 'preloved' Rolex's go up in value year after year. Is this true? 🤔

If so are Rolex's a better investment than 18 or 24 Karat gold items? 🤔
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Aim for the corners, not the centre. So I was told by a dodgy character, many years ago.:secret:
We'd someone try that with his head. He was found on the pavement, out cold. The outer layer was cracked, window held, but he left part of his scalp and blood in the cracked outer layer.

This was on a toyshop, not a jewelers.


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I've heard that new, not so much 'preloved' Rolex's go up in value year after year. Is this true? 🤔

If so are Rolex's a better investment than 18 or 24 Karat gold items? 🤔
List price for a new Rolex Submariner is £6450 (it’s gone up £1,000 in 3 years). Unfortunately it is now nigh on impossible to buy one at that price unless you have an extensive purchase history or are willing to spend thousands on additional items.

I was lucky and got mine at list price just over three years ago and had to have it valued for insurance last month. Replacement cost for insurance was estimated at £9,750.
Well, my neighbour finally got her fake Rolex watch! I went round to her's last night and she brought the boxed item out to show me. She told me she bought it from a dealer in Manchester who does deliveries to wherever you are in the Manchester area. He turns up after a phone call then you hand over either £170 or £150 depending on which model you buy.:secret:
I must say I was impressed by the watch. It's quite heavy, which I didn't expect. It also came in a 'genuine' Rolex box, carrier bag and with all the paperwork, including fake receipt and address of seller.:whistle: I watched a few vids on my laptop last night about how to spot a fake Rolex. It seems some are that well made it takes hours of scrutinising to find a fake and the chances of finding if it's a fake is greatly lessened if the watch is made of stainless steel and not 'gold'. I also heard one video say that 90% of all Rolex's out there are fakes. She offered to obtain one for me this weekend when she goes to Manchester to her partner's flat. She sent the dealer a text while I was there telling him that someone with her was interested in buying one. He replied in a minute saying he's waiting for new stock after 'the Christmas rush', so at the moment he only has The Submariner, Cosmograph Oyster steel and Datejust, all being £170 cash in hand. :secret:








They aren't brilliant photos as it was dark at the time and my phone camera isn't the best, but believe me, in the flesh the watch and packaging are very impressive!

Mmm, are they worth it I ask?🤔
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Why anyone would want to buy a fake rolex is beyond me. I totally understand why one would want to sell them mind... but buy one? :wacko:
Well, my neighbour said that she/you can pretend it's real without 90 to 95% of those who look at it or just notice it, knowing it's a fake. She also said that walking round Manchester if someone was to rob her she loses £150 and not £10,000.

Thinking about it, I'm not too sure they're for me. A bit 'blingy' and too 'sporty' maybe?🤔
I think this is more my style.

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