Accie's fake Rolex.

alternatively, a £10 watch from Argos means she mightn't get robbed at all :whistle:

Yeah, but this is like her Datejust rose gold fake. Some not too clued up street robber might mistake it for a Rolex and have it off her wrist before she know it!:unsure:



London, UK
Their official site will let you see their current range. To be honest all Rolex changes across the years tend to be quite subtle so their historic stuff isn’t hugely different. There are some awful customised variants out there. None are Rolex ‘approved’.

It you so have slim wrist then they start as small as 28mm cases tho you’ll pro find 36mm would suit.
Also note @Accy cyclist that Rolexes wear a bit larger than their case diameter would suggest because the span (lug-to-lug) of the watch is a bit longer so a 36mm cased OP for example may wear like a 38mm case from another brand. Some watches dont have any lugs at all (I'm looking at you, Oris); they too are nice watches but I'm not a fan with those integrated lugs/bracelet interface.
Good morning,

If I were going to go for a fake Rolex it would be a Daytona Rainbow on the grounds that it so over top that nobody would believe that was real or that I was expecting them to believe that it was real.

Or fakes of one of the custom brands such as Bamford who take real Rolexs and replace the face and hands and possibly coat the case and bracelet.

You can then have immense fun with people who don't know what it is, or at least what it would be if it was what it isn't!




@Nibor doesn't live in Accrington either.:okay: He lives in a 'village' called Church, just outside Accy.,_Lancashire
Accy I do live in Accy not Church
@Nibor doesn't live in Accrington either.:okay: He lives in a 'village' called Church, just outside Accy.,_Lancashire
This wish to be labelled accy is clearly a curious thing indeed. All I really remember it for is of old a great big (seemed so) carpark in the middle (created from a knocked down industrial building?) where I once sat in my mum and dad's car skimming a collected works of John Donne I realised to my horror I would have to trawl through at Uni, a Tandy shop (yep going back) and the old Classic cinema where I once saw the classic double bill of Goodbye Emmanuelle and Badlands, the latter the work of an acknowledged auteur. And having to go as a young person with some mates to complete a "signing on" process.
Do we actually have any genuine accy folk on here?
Who can prove it?
If so, take a bow.

There are I gather plans to do some impressive work on the centre.

The market hall is very nice - at the centre of the plans I think.

Also has a decent spoons though from the VERY occasional visit, beer selection not great.
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