Africa Solo - Mark Beaumont


Crazy effort, hope he does well :okay:
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wouldn't quite fancy the road he seems to be using to leave Cairo on[/QUOTE]
When I cycled down through Africa in 1984, the road out of Cairo was just a two lane highway, full of manic drivers, and overturned trucks every few miles where they did not make the bends in the roads, as far I could see they only had two settings on the accelerator pedal stop and flat out. I would say I found the trip really interesting and would like to do it again but age and the fact that part of Northern Africa are so political unstable I am happy to give it a miss.


Perhaps This One.....
Fair play to him, I await the video and book, really enjoyed the last lot.
I found Africa so interesting, but you could never know what sort of reception you would receive in the villages, some were so nice other villages would be quite aggressive throwing stones and rubbish but overall most were great, but that was 30 years ago.


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Such an adventurous individual. He knows life has limits but wishes to push these.
Enjoyed his trio around the world.
Yes, Africa can/is dangerous, but his world trip, he met his most danger in America...!

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Stuff of schoolboy dreams are made of, wish him well and a safe journey on his epic adventure, Mad dogs and Englishmen come to mind, brightens up my day reading about his exploits.
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