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I’m now not allowed to go in to the office for at least 4 weeks (it is shut, rather than me being ill), and as you say, the weather looks ok. I’m thinking this virus may make me the fittest I have been for years.


We've still got a bit of wind and rain this week despite reports of quite a large high moving in so like you I am hoping for at least a couple of days riding to work and with a bit of luck, complete the next stage of accreditation at the velodrome on Wednesday. 👍


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Been playing around with youtube stuff on the box - about time I started using the Smart TV features. Been watching some clips where they get old 'barn find' bikes and cars and tinker with them till they start up - something satisfying seeing others figuring it all out and getting their hands dirty.

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If I'm forced to work from home, I may actually get less exercise. My round trip commute now (I moved house on Friday) is about 57km with 700-750m climbing.


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Well the weather looks good all week ,fresh start with sunshine..and Light Winds^_^
I shall be mostly cycling to work and making the most of it.

What will you be doing to combat the doom and gloom...
I'm thinking of selling my TV too ;) not that I have one obvs:laugh:
Getting rid of the TV sounds an excellent idea. If the country closes down, there'll be nothing else for the media to drone on about. Four years of relentless Brexit guff was bad enough. Wall to wall COVID-19 coverage could prove fatal.


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Since I expect a reversal of the idiotic scientifically unproven "herd immunity" strategy in the next few days which will lead to a severe lockdown, I'm going out on the bike today for only the second time this year. I should not have much difficulty staying away from foul germbag humans. Afterwards, who can say?
Best get on to the medical research people at Oxford University amongst many others and let them know that after decades of studies and analysis they've got it all wrong.

You'll be a cert for a Nobel prize in medicine.
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