Any good jokes ... ?


De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold
I havn't even got a dog!
I've got 5 dogs of various breeds I could let you have.
Nah, I'm just going to put next doors noisy dog in my garden for a bit, see how they like it.
The stolen German army bike Steve McQueen is riding is actually a Triumph. Perhaps they captured it at Dunkirk?
Apparently McQueen is being chased by himself, as he also doubled as one of his German pursuers,. As a motorcycle enthusiast he was keen to do his own stunts, and any other stunts he could wangle his way into
He rode a Triumph with extra padding on the seat because he had piles and found it painful going cross country. Watch how many times he's riding the bike half-standing.


Oop North (ish)
Just got back from a Local Tesco . I've never been so rudely treated in my life!! 😔 ...All I did was ask for toilet paper at the Customer Service desk🤷 The woman behind the counter yelled at the top of her lungs.. OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS !!?! . 😲. .

I politely said...There's no need to make a scene and shuffled back to the toilets with my pants around my ankles....😂

PLEASE leave the TP in Public Toilets!!
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