Any good tips for fogging glasses?


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As it's quite cold out there at the moment I have found myself pulling my buff over my nose only to find my cycling glasses fog up in no time! I guess its the warm ex hailed air going up between the gap between my cheeks and nose!
Its there anything that can be done/purchased that stop this?


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Never tried it but you can buy anti fog sprays in Boots or
I know what you mean, I have CX Lenses behind my cycling glasses, so its a double whammy - can't see a thing


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The diving method is to spit in the mask, wipe it around and then wash it off with a dip in the water. I've done similar with cycling glasses when I've been a bit desperate and it's worked adequately. Once you've got two layers of lenses you're stuffed though. Also once you are channelling hot air up there (if my motorbike days are anything to go by) there's nothing you can really do for it.

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The fairy thing works but it can scratch..try dove soap..
fog spray is ok but cold to warm is a tough one to combat..

Yup, washing up liquid is full of sea salt...once used to wash a car...never again!!
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