Anyone else got/had this cold-flu type virus??


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I know it's not flu.........I had real flu 30 years ago and it near killed me.
I caught this on Christmas day and it just will not go away.
First symptoms were very "cold like"........sore throat/head ache etc. Now its just being bunged up and light headed.
My daughter's family have just got over it after 3 weeks.
I know of other people who have had it for 4 weeks e.g. a younger (40 year old) physically fit relative went off work before Christmas and is still not back.
Just wondering how wide spread it is?


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Yep it did for me before Christmas, lost my voice and weeks of the darned thing. Boss has been off sick with it and wife has it now.


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Did me in weekend before Christmas. When I saw Dr she said I'd had bronchitis and now had a bacterial chest infection. Antibiotics later and I'm much better. I lost 9 lb's over the course of 5 days but have put it back on. That means that over Christmas I stayed the same :becool:.


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8 days in bed over Xmas, and the positive was i lost about 8lb. The negative it is now day 24 and I still feel rubbish and not ready to start training yet, I am hoping for a gentle swim later in the week.


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Came down with it on Christmas Day. Been too long to remember the last time it hit me so bad. Missed out Boxing day completely. Next day only managed an hour out of bed, 2 hours the next day. Didn't eat anything for 60 hours. But once started getting better it seemed to abate quite quickly. I'm still not 100%, more like 95% at the moment.


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I've just had 2 days under the duvet but feel OK today. Friday afternoon and all day yesterday I felt really fluey but without the horrendous headache and the throwing up. Just shattered, with a temperature but feeling cold. Must be some sort of bug that I'd picked up.


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I've had it. It came down hard on December 30th. I had no energy and felt really, really bad until last Friday when it started to lift. I'm still not fully better but at least I feel human again.


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The wifes had it for over 2 weeks and is just starting to get over it. Its had a go at my throat but ive kept it at bay.


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Yes! I developed the symptoms on Christmas Eve and was really rough for over a week. My lungs are only back to about 50% even now.

I have had 'real flu' in the past and agree that it wasn't as bad as that, but it was still pretty horrid. I was so weak that it took me 3 days to eat my Christmas dinner! :laugh:

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Had it about 2 weeks before Christmas, floored me - 4 days in bed, absolutely carp. Took about 3 weeks or so to really get rid, though I'm sure I'm not 100% now.


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I went down with it on November 12th. Knocked me for six. In bed for two days. Had two courses of antibiotics after it went down onto my chest. Only just fully got over it this week.
The missus went down with it about a week after I did and is still suffering slightly.
It wasn't Influenza; had that once and it nearly wiped me out.
Don't know what it was, but it were a bad 'un!


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Yes. Started the 22nd of December, with a dry throat, then head cold, lost voice, fever, antibiotics and Steroids (My Asthma flared up.). My first time out of the house was the 2nd January and I retiurned home after a couple of hours feeling dreadful. I'm still not fully fit, but slowly getting better.


10 days over the festive holiday, haven't felt so rough in years, exactly the same symptoms you describe.

I do feel sorry for the receptionist at work though sitting in reception clutching a lemsip and a handkerchief who when asked if shes well informs us she has had the 'flu' for 3 weeks now, sniff... Blimey. :rolleyes:
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