Anyone getting the Aston Martin 77 one bike?


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Aston Martin know nothing about making bikes, you won't see a difference between that and a much cheaper bike.
Bit like they've taken a bog standard Toyota Yaris, stuck their name on it and doubled the price. As they say, you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones they are after.


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Only 77 of these are made. I guess most of them will just be bought by people that actually don't ride bikes.


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Of course this isn't a bike designed for real cyclists, but some of the tech is worth considering with real cyclists in mind. Hydraulic disc brakes on a full carbon bike, AFAIK the Colnago C59 is the only full carbon bike to have this, but it won't be too long before the bikes you see in your LBS start using this system.

The computer built into the handlebars is very cool, looks very smart and neat. I would like to see this on more bikes. I'm sure Garmin could get together with a leading handlebar manufacturer and come up with the Edge 900 intergrated gps/handlebar system! Bluetooth enabled so as soon as you walk indoors with the bike your P.C picks it up and downloads the info.

25k is a hell of a lot, but change the name on the side to one like Trek/Spesh etc and a normal price for a high end bike and things start looking a little different.


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I think it's the IQ that they turned into the Cygnet, and I think that the price multiple is closer to three, but spot on otherwise.
It is and they have done it for one reason and one reason alone, emissions! Euro law states that all your offerings must average out to a certain co2 or pay a fine. It's just their way of doing it. I doubt even they believe their fans would shell out 3 times the amount of dosh just for the badge! They don't have to sell any to be within the rule, just offer it and the cars they will be left with will be much less than the fines! They will mostly end up self registered and sold at closed auction to dealers.


I have to admit that I do rather like the Cygnet. I guess the value is about whether you consider it to be an Aston interior for £30k or Toyota mechanicals for £30k.


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Hydraulic disc brakes on a full carbon bike, AFAIK the Colnago C59 is the only full carbon bike to have this
Volagi Liscio was first, Specialized (having unsucessfully sued Volagi- set up by former employees- in an attempt to put them out of business) have just announced a Roubaix disc version, which (like the C59 Disc) is a 2013 model. More will follow, no doubt.
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