Anyone Who Watched the Giro Yesterday Still Think Helmets Don't Do Their Job!?!

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Who's their glasses sponsor and to what level do they pass EN 166?


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Thinking back to the 'gap' thread which has had a lot of nostalgia in it, I fell off a number of times between the ages of 5 and 18, at least one saw me in hospital with a suspected green stick fracture. None of them saw me with head injuries. It turns out the bank of anecdotal 'I fell off and didn't need a helmet to save my life' stories actually do exist, they are just a bit of a while ago.
Can I play? I had two bad 'uns in the 70s/80s. One of which was a flying-like-superman job as a teenager which left my head untouched, and the other was in my mid 20s, a low speed one (feet stayed strapped in) that knocked me out cold and resulted in lots of blood on the road, and frightened the willies out of my mate, who thought I was dead.

Come to think of it, I've been a bit stupid ever since then. If only I'd been wearing a helmet.


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I've come off a few times and never hurt my head - mainly my elbows and knees that take the brunt of it. One time I even came off BECAUSE I was wearing a helmet - a bee flew between the strap and my cheek, and while I frantically trying to get it out I rode into a hedge full of stingers.


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You endorse the wearing of safety helmets by competitive cyclists. And I think we are being invited to conclude that therefore all cyclists should wear helmets.

Do you endorse the wearing of safety helmets by Formula 1 drivers?
They do, their heads aren't that shape normally.


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try wearing on your elbow next time.
Finally, an explanation for the people I see cycling along carrying helmets. Some are also protecting their right hand grip, which seems sensible, I've damaged the end of the grips in quite a large percentage of my offs.
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