Ashamed to say I drive a BMW


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I am sure that I am quite fortunate that most of the time I am out riding my bike, that I do so on B roads or single lane A roads, which means that I do not encounter to many car driver who act like idiots when the encounter a cyclist.

Apart from the young boy racers in their Corsa's, Clio's, Fiesta's etc.... the other type of car driver that I seem to have problems with is drivers of BMW's, of which I am sorry and ashamed to say that my current company car; which I inherited when I joined the company at the start of the year is a BMW; thankfully this will change soon.

Perhaps the reason why so many people who drive a BMW, drive like idiots is because of this perceived general reputation and therefore they think to themselves that they might as well drive like idiots anyway. Whatever the reason, I am getting so fed up with the way that I am treated by these drivers when I am out on my bike.

It will be good to hear the views of others and if they get the same treatment?


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I drive a BMW and I'm not ashamed of it one little bit.

I'm a respectful driver which its what matters really. I could drive a Bentley but that wouldn't make me a good driver when I still behave like an idiot on the road.

My biggest problem with vehicle drivers come from old ladies on micras and the likes. For some reason the think the road belong to them.


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"Thou shalt not impede my mighty Audi - look upon my four rings and despair" seems to be the required commandment for lesser road users round here. Close overtakes, impatience when it is not safe to overtake and nosing out from side roads onto the "cycle paint" zone. Bullying their way through on narrow roads with passing spaces. Put the cyclist in the hedge where he belongs.

During commuting hours the average BMW driver is far more courteous and considerate in my experience.
Itheir Corsa's, Clio's, Fiesta's etc... is drivers of BMW's
Never mind what you drive, four apostrophe errors in the space of about 20 words must be a record.


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[QUOTE 3716625, member: 45"]Not definitively, no. But it can suggest possible tendencies, which is all part of the useful information you're gathering when you're out on the road.[/QUOTE]

Fair enough I suppose. Do you do the same thing with bicycles?

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I can't help but look at bicycle brand. Sort of amazing that people can commute every day on a BSO, at least for a while. Then they seem to get a better marque.
Boxstorebikes are laughably terrible, over here.


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I find the BMW drivers to be far more courteous drivers than Audi & Jaguar drivers. I haven't had a close pass from a Beemer in months. Some buttwipe in a Jag had me leaping for a hedge last weekend though.


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I find most drivers to be pretty corteous irrespective of the make of car. The ones I worry about are those who are either unaware of you or are unaware of the size of the car they are driving. In the main this seems to be older people. A slow close pass by an elderley person hunched forward peering through the windscreen is a rather worrying experience.
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