Beer as cycling fuel?


Anyone who knows me knows that I quite often pop into pubs on bike rides - beginning, end or middle. And when I used to lead rides I would usually try to seek out a good pub with decent beer.

But I was wondering how it counts as fuel?

I know there are views that beer is "empty calories" but I take that to mean that it's not a balanced diet. Not a great problem for a cyclist scoffing cake, wine gums, malto fuel etc on rides.

I also don't buy the "diuretic" line - I mean a pint of liquid is a pint of liquid - it's not going to produce a deficit of liquid in your body.

I stress that I am not advocating seriously inebriated riding (tho have had the odd episode in my longish life).

So, views? , and a pic, for scientific nutritional analysis/case for the prosecution.

Breakfast pint before a long tough ride.



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On another thread I suggested partaking of Theakston's products. Availability is a bit of an issue down here, but an occasional pint or two of Peculiar and I completely stop worrying about the various creaks, squeaks and rattles from my bike (and body).

Couldn't begin to answer questions about calorific or nutritional values.


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You realise of course that those on here who spend hours cycling while stationary at six in the morning before a highly nutritious breakfast followed by a run at lunch and a road ride in the evening (weather permitting) or on the trainer have just exploded. 😁


There was the “ 100 Club “ I heard about back in the 80’s. The challenge was to run 100 miles and consume 100 pints in 100 consecutive hours. How you went about it was your choice. I’m pretty sure it must have been apocryphal, though I’d heard it originated at a red brick University.
I’ve pondered from time to time about the best strategy if you were to attempt it.
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Meant to put in the original post.

The sugar in the beer must surely be of some serious cycling value?


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I sometimes do enjoy a pint in the middle of a long ride, especially while touring.

However I was breathalyzed last week following an accident that was not my fault.

I'd be concerned about doing it in future in case of a repeat as it would surely affect chances of claiming if I had failed a roadside test.


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This is anecdotal but when I rode PBP in 2015 I kept coming across a group of Swedes

Whilst I ate meals they were riding on beer and kissing women :blink: :girl:

The last I saw of them was at around 1050km (of 1230km) when they were by now plastered, as tired as I was without sleep, and weaving all over the road.

But they did finish and probably enjoyed it more than me.
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