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I've been so good till now ....a nice tangy Weisse called Berliner Heist (London Beer Factory)

Maverick Goose

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Dark sugar, tart, a little woody tannin. Just lovely. Got some piggy cheeks gently braising in it.

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Pork cheeks are such a great cut as long as you cook them slowly; cheap as well. I've got a load of Ribs but you need a decent sized rack (calling @Fnaar ;)) as there's not a lot of meat on them. NOPI (by Ottolenghi has good recipes for both in it). Death is a cracking beer, currently on tap at Fell Penrith and I thoroughly enjoyed asking for a half of death:okay: t'other need. On my last visit to Glasgow, I had a 16.5% IPA (Anarchist Alchemist) at Brewdog Kelvingrove...who let the dogs out?:wacko::cheers:The Ferrous Red from Merchant City Brewing, also based in Glasgow, was a most excellent malty red lager -have a Dunkel in this one. Plus I got a load of Beavertown 8 Ball and Goose Island Urban Wheat in Yellow Sticker Land.
Now here's a choice - do I go for Death or Glory?
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Blimey, there’s big numbers right there
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