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I’ve started early and am making no apologies

As promised, an update on the state of the gold top

Unfortunately, the gold top tastes the same, get the original bloke back I say

It just doesn’t have the same floral citrusy taste it had originally, it was like drinking a warm summers evening

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That's a shame. I wonder what has happened to their other beers.

Meanwhile, this was launched about 2 hours ago. Very drinkable.
They've had that for at least a year. It's a lot of beer for not a lot of money.
I hadn’t looked tbh but I’m glad I have

Definitely a good beer for the cash


Full time tea drinker
Armonmy Way
Out in Manchester and popped into the Marble Arch. Good pint of "Differently Hopped Dobber" but this was better...Magic Rock Fantasma IPA

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Even better, I bumped into @mythste looking every part the Northern Quarter hipster

Dinner in Ciaoo...decent pizzeria and has nice beers. Italian IPA

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I think the Magic Rock IPA is on at a pub round the corner. I'll give your recommendation a go tomorrow.
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