Best Entry-Level Women's Road Bike


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Hi all,

Complete cycling newbie here, so forgive any silly questions. I did a charity bike ride at the weekend (30 miles) on a borrowed road bike and absolutely loved it, I'm really looking to get more into it and invest in some kit. My budget is looking at around £500 and I'm looking for something to get into doing longer rides, cruising around the countryside, and possibly doing a little bit of commuting as well.

The prices for Carrera bikes look great, but I've heard to stay away from them? If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be super grateful. Not sure if it's relevant, but I'm 5"3 and around 50kg.

Thanks in advance !


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What bike did you borrow?
Can you find a second hand Giant/Liv Avail? Likely an XS given your height.

Carrera bikes tend to have quite a low spec, you’ll get better value for money used :smile:

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I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike
I agree with @vickster

Getting a good secondhand bike is a good option. Do you have a local community bike project that might have serviced and guaranteed bikes and will not sell you something the wrong size?
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