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OK then people, who has a recommendation for the best rear light?

I had a CatEye TL-LD1000 which was pretty good at burning the retina of any following motorists - even my mate remarked on how bright it looked. Unfortunately some bar-steward nicked it so it needs replacing. I've been running a much cheaper LED which I was intending to get anyway as backup, but need something which will work on dark country lanes.

Do I go with another TL-LD1000/1100 or does someone have a better idea?

Smart 1/2 watt Superflash.
About £12 and far brighter than the Cateye LD 1000 that Baggy runs. Just the best rear light ever and with an army of fans (I bet I'm not the last to mention it on this thread). Just don't look straight at it when you switch on....:becool::becool:


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I use an LD 600 and an LD610, both do a good job. But as Chuffy said the smart seems to be the brightest of all lights and a good cheap price as well.


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I use a Grandmaster Flash which although effective is occassionally annoying and difficult to switch off:

grand master flash


got the cateye with the two rows that work independently on the seat post, one solid, one flashing and one doing a pattern

and just got the smart flash for the outer corner of the rack to add some width, running it on steady, it certainly is bright

with the Night Vision jacket i think I'm doing my bit

since I started riding with the jacket and the pannier on the right I unquestionably get lots more width from traffic and people pulling out and peds really do see me coming

it's nice
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