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Im looking for a lock to be used just for when popping in a shop (usually a chippy or gettting samosas) and I still have an eye on the bike. So its more to delay any attempt to move the bike so I have chance to make my way over to whoever is moving it and have a full and frank discussion on why they shouldnt be doing that (I have the 2 kilo motorcycle D lock at home for top security).

Im looking for one that can attach the bike to an immovable object - lampost, street sign.

Any recommendations?


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Hiplock? You'll need something fairly long for a lampost/sign as opposed to a Sheffield stand

Otherwise you can get cafe locks if you really do want something small and light, there used to be an Abus one (although I found unreliable)


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I have a hiplock z lock that I use while bikepacking. Fits in a jersey pocket, weighs very little. I wouldn't want to leave it completely unattended while using it, and certainly wouldn't lock it in Bristol using it, but works for the situation your describing.


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A Kryptonite something or other combination cable lock. Like yourself, I only use it for short term leaving the bike to pop into a shop or whatever. I like the fact it has a handy bracket for storing it on the frame, and being a combination lock I don't get the chance to find out I've left the key at home when I want to lock the bike up.... It's long enough to get round the frame and most lamp posts/railings.

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Good shout and easy brackety thing to fix to frame


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I've got 3 Abus Bordos. Got two in a crazy sale, and keep one at work just in case a colleague forgets theirs.

They aren't super light, but they are no d-lock in weight. You can get different sizes - smaller = lighter. Quite flexible in use too. And, being 'different' can confuse a potential thief.


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I have one of those, which I use for locking up while nipping into village shops etc. Very short periods in low risk areas. Not particularly heavy but to be honest doesn't instill massive confidence. If someone wanted to lever it apart I'm sure it wouldn't be hard, but you'd need to have the right tools with you.
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