Bike cleaning in the winter months


Hi and hope I've put this in the right section.
Winter is a real pain trying to keep your bike clean.
For me virtually every ride i do results in my bike looking like it's been dragged through a ploughed field and looking absolutely filthy. I'm rather OCD when it comes to a clean bike and as you imagine the novelty of washing a bike down after every ride soon wares off by the long winter we seem to be having. A bucket of water and a sponge after a cold evening Ride isn't what I call fun, but putting away a muddy bike isn't going to do it any favours either.
I'm lucky enough to have a garden and outside tap, but this time of the year i always isolate it just incase it freezes and bursts.
Today however i bought a 5 litre garden sprayer for the princely sum of £7 and its brilliant.
I filled it up with some water and car wash soap prior to my ride, and off i went down the mucky lanes for my bike ride.
Once home as you can guess the bike was filthy. Thick mud covered the frame once again, so out came the garden sprayer. In no time at all it was spotless and only used around 2 litres of water. Job done the bike was placed next to the kitchen radiator to dry.
If you live in a flat etc i couldn't recommend a garden sprayer enough for you.. It's quick and easy and you will get great results in keeping your bike looking good.
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Just wipe the lenses of my lights, mickle the chain, check brake shoes clear of too much debris and tyre pressures ok, then ride.
Will give it a better clean when I hang it on the wall and the summer bike takes over.


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The drive train I will clean regular and wipe after every wet ride. As for the rest, life is too short imo. I will do what i can but hard to do it in the dark when I get back from work.


The last time my Apollo hack MTB was ridden it got absolutely covered in mud. I didn't bother to clean it after, just left it outside in the rain. Used it again today to go and collect something I'd ordered, about 8 miles. The rain had already washed some of the crap off, and I rode it through some standing water, which got a bit more off. When I got home I still didnt bother to clean it, just put a plastic bag over the saddle and left it out again. The next time I use it the chain will probably get some oil but it still won't get washed.
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