Bike cleaning in the winter months

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They must be extremely bored, because I can think of any number of other tasks that are infinitely more appealing than bike washing outside in near-zero temperatures.
Oh no this is so alarming I’m in total agreement with Skippy . My test for winter bike cleaning ( I have posted this before) is the rear wheel puncture test. Would I like to deal with a rear wheel puncture with the bike in that state , if not time for a clean .


I've just come back from a 30 mile ride and as usual the bike was plastered in thick muck again.
I had prior to ride, filled the sprayer up with soapy water and as soon as I got home i gave it a quick going over whilst the mud was still wet. 5 minutes later its spotless again and drying off in the kitchen next to the radiator.
While the roads keep dishing out mud I'll continue to do this.
The pressure is not great but its more than enough to blast away all the muck, which in hind sight is probably a good thing in that it won't get into the wheel bearings ect.
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Agreed, frequent washing a commuter is pointless, time saving tricks make the rare occasion more palatable. I have my routine down to 15-20 mins, not including total of 5 mins clean up and prep. But short wash time is down to practice, you can't faff about!

1. Remove quick link chain and cassette from rear wheel
2. Bang them in ultrasonic cleaner with a mix of water and degreaser for 20 mins.
3. Get out the pressure washer , blast the frame and wheels (not, hubs, bearings & motor if elec)
4. Spray a little water displacer (GT 85) on moving bits, being careful not to get that on discs or calipers.
5. Don't sweat a little grime in the hard to get to spots. Dry off frame with microfibre towel.
6. Put on the kettle, 5-10 minutes to sup tea or coffee
7. Out comes cassette and chain for rinse and reassembly.
8. Lube up
9. Tidy everything away.
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I realised I have one of these at work (for all our buildings plants).
I borrowed it this morning and was surprised at how well it worked. Just powerful enough to get the layer of road crud off.
Think I may pop into the high street tomorrow and pick one up for the garage.

In the long term I'm thinking of investing in a portable battery powered washer.


Mudguards and a quick hose off at the back gate when I'm done. Gets the worst of it off - not properly cleaned it since christmas - but I'll probably give it a good clean this weekend as the rear cassette is a tad black.
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