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Hi I’m looking at buying a road bike, I’m around 18 stone and want to know if there is any bike in particular I should look at buying? looking to spend around £500.

any help or recommendations would be much appreciated!

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To see what cycling can do you might want to have a look at THIS blog by a former CC'er who started his journey at 38 stone :eek:. Granted he started on MTB's but never the less, bikes are stronger than you think.

I can't remember when I was last 18 stone, sadly I've spent most of my adult life above that weight, but, I have a road bike and have had for years. I've also had carbon fibre framed bikes too and never had an issue. Oh I snapped a spoke once, but they'd done a lot of miles by that stage anyway.

Some manufacturers offer lifetime frame warranties, some don't, but generally speaking it's not the frames but the components that are most susceptible to strain, seem obvious right? I used to ride lightweight wheels with a low spoke count, but after the snapped spoke episode I decided to move over to high spoke count wheels. I prefer the knowledge that my wheels are pretty much bombproof these days. Stick to 32 or 36 spoke wheels, I use Halo Aerorage wheels, and you'll be fine, a lot of people recommend handbuilt wheels, but I've never had the time to wait for them, and also never had a problem with factory built wheels either.
Also I was advised years ago to avoid carbon fibre handlebars and stems, maybe sage advice, maybe not, but I've never felt the need to spurge ££££'s on fancy bars anyway.

My current road bike has an alu frame with carbon fork and steerer. My MTB is steel framed.

So in answer to your question, no, IMO there's no bike in particular you should be looking at. Have a look at the different manufacturers, sites like Leisure Lakes, Evans, Chain Reaction etc will allow you to see many different bikes on one site, or if you've anything in mind go straight to the manufacturers website to view them.

At the end of the day there is no substitute for throwing your leg over a prospective purchase. So when shops are back open get along to your LBS, they are generally a friendly bunch and happy to advise and let you you try bikes for size, many will even let you test ride.

When you've picked something you fancy make sure it's available in a colour you like, because if you don't like it, even if it's the deal of the decade, the chances are you won't ride it.

Lastly, it's always nice getting a brand new anything, and a bike is no exception to this, but, you'll get more bang for your buck if you buy second hand, however it's imperative you know what your looking at, or take someone with you who does. There are a hell of a lot of very nice bikes festering in garages and sheds all over the country, but there's also a lot of worn out dross, and of course the scumbags selling stolen bikes as well, so keep your wits about you if you decide to buy used.

Also, CC's very own @biggs682 is the resident purveyor of quality pre-loved bicycles, so when yo know what you want, he might just have the perfect ride waiting for you :okay:


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As above, some manufacturers like Decathlon do specify a max rider weight, over cautious perhaps but it may affect any warranty claim (they offer lifetime on frame)

@biggs682 isn't selling at the mo due to Covid, but he does have a Tricross, more a gravel than road bike but ideal for a heavier cyclist


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Two years ago I was on the same position, 136KG ( just over 21 stone) and 6'2 ..

I purchased a Scott Sub Cross 10 Hybrid which had a rating of 120KG (19 stone) so as you can see I was a bit too heavy for it on paper..

Speaking to the bike shops and on here most agreed if anything the wheels would be the issue, touch wood I had one issue when two spokes went last year ... now this may have been down to my size or the country lanes I ride on or a combination of both... but on the whole no issues..

When I found out about the weight limits I did think of changing the bike order, I did see that Specialized to some hybrids up to 136KG ...

Two years later and 108kg (17 stone) at the last diabetic check ( (September last year) ) the bike is still good to ride, and enjoyable ... Oh and with diet, exercise at the gym (when open) and the weekend bike I feel great..

This is an interesting site....

Seems he has had health issues since i last read it but gives you an idea that a bike will take your weight :smile:

** Ps... I have noticed that a lot of bike manufactures seem to have took the "weight limit" off the specifications now **
Also be aware that a lifetime warranty isn't what you might think.
Basically the frame has a lifetime (not the owners lifetime) and that is what the warranty covers.

Don't expect a 12 year frame to replaced under a lifetime warranty if cracks suddenly start appearing.


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I used to be 25 stone and i found a road bike. As in a fat bike that can travel on the road. It was and still is slow, noisy and grannies get frightened. But im far fitter and lighter than i used to be! Take it a step at a time is my 2 pennies worth...


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Also be aware that a lifetime warranty isn't what you might think.
Basically the frame has a lifetime (not the owners lifetime) and that is what the warranty covers.

Don't expect a 12 year frame to replaced under a lifetime warranty if cracks suddenly start appearing.
Why not? Certainly posters on here have had their older frames repaired by the likes of Specialized and Trek if they are the original owner.
if the OP buys new and uses the bike in accordance with the terms of the warranty, there’s no reason why a replacement could not be expected should a manufacturing defect cause frame failure


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This comes with wheels with a decent number of spokes, new, decent spec, under £500
you May need to wait for other sizes to come back into stock though, only available in 53cm which is probably on,y good up to around 5’9. Stock levels are low currently, might be worth calling Merlin to see when they may get other sizes in if needed
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