Bike rack on a Honda Jazz.


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Hi all,

I'm off to France in April for a cycling holiday. Going to be driving down in our Honda Jazz (2010). Whilst looking through the owners manual the other day, trying to get some idea of how much I can load the car up, I came across a page saying "NOTICE, a normal bike rack must not be fitted to the tailgate".

Our current bike rack does attach perfectly satisfactorily, and is as secure as it has been on any of our previous cars. The three bikes potentially going on the rack will have a combined weight of less than 30kg's, and all the wheels are going in the boot, so the tail lights will be perfectly visible.

Only thing I can imagine being an issue is that one of the supports for the rack will sit on the back window, but had other cars where this has been the case and not had a problem. The bike racks I've seen on the Internet, that are supposed to be used for the Honda Jazz (the cheapest of which is £65.00) also have supports sitting on the back window, so this makes me think it shouldn't be a problem.

I've even visited our local Honda dealer, who said as far as he was concerned there should be no problem.

It's probably a long shot, but have any of you guys used a bike rack on a Jazz, and if so was everything OK? If anyone knows of a really good reason why it is not possible or safe to use a rack on this car I'd really appreciate hearing from you.

I'd sooner not spend out money on a dedicated rack, that doesn't seem much different to my current one, unless I have to.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to share.
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