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I'm a bit bored so i decided to weigh my bike on my bathroom scales as i've never had a clue how heavy it was.
Anyway, its a Specialized Crosstrail Comp with front sussy & hydraulic discs & it officiallyish weighs in at (drum roll) 31lb's or 14.06kg (according to google)....mind that was with my sunglasses hanging off my handlebars.....

Just thought i'd say that's all.........Carry on :becool:


About the same weight as my carrera crossfire 2 roughly :bicycle:


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im gonna weigh mine tonight before and after the clean to see what differnce it makes!!! lol


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Mine weighs in at a whopping 49 pounds/22kg, I think the heaviest listed on here last time, although that was with a full water bottle, typical weight. Its a Giant Roam, which is nearly identical to the Crosstrail, ive just weighed it down with heavy Dlock, tools, big saddlebag and very heavy tyres.

The depressing part is that im noticably faster on my old gaspipe Raleigh, partly because its lighter and partly because its more aerodynamic.


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OK, I had to weigh my bikes. I am sure my 20 year old bathroom scales are not very accurate but my Towne weighs 33 lbs with lights and computer, my Trek 2.3 weighs 19 with lights, computer and my Topeak aero wedge pack with the tools and tubes ect. that I carry. I normally don't go farther than 20 miles per trip so I don't carry cages and bottles. My Towne is the same as it was when it was new, but my 2.3 is full ultegra, easton wheels and Prologo Kappa Pas seat.
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