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YEAH!!!! Hammond won! Bikes rule!!!
Funniest comment was when May was amazed that the bike cost £1,700 (IIRC).... hang on a minute, how much does that Chelsea Tractor (their words) cost, and wasn't it £56,000 for the speedboat.

Anyway, bike won, and the "car" was last, superb:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


They had to get from the West end of the North Circular to the East (City airport) with james May in huge Merc, The Stig on public transport, Clarkson in a motor boat and Hammond oin a bike.

hammond was really gunning it but he was in the lead the whole way. A great victory for cycling! Hurrah! Incidentally, the car came last, hahaha!


Thanks Mister P.


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pretty funny stuff as was obvious the bike would win would have been better if clakson had been on the bike. Isnt Simon cowell an arrogant pillock though.
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