Birmingham cyclist muggings


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Thank God I live in the sticks...


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I'm surprised the muggers didn't take his bike; probably too moronic to manage balancing on a bike without stabilisers.
In a dodgy area like that, it's essential to have powerful lights that enable you to ride fast and furiously enough to deter any lowlife from stepping out and risking their neck trying to unseat you.


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Stay far away from birmngham centre hate the place
It was OK 40 - 50 years ago when I was growing up there. I avoid it like the plague now - felt like a stranger in my own country last time I was there.


The poor victim sounds like a really nice guy, though, with a great sense of humour ! :thumbsup:

Maybe, as the thugs stabbed someone later :ohmy:, there might be some police follow-up ... :boxing:
Yikes. I've just ridden through there this morning (last day at work, so was taking my time) - it's on my regular (summer) route to/from work. However, due to the total lack of lighting, I don't use that route in the dark.

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I think we need to be wary about making too many judgments which are solely based on a Facebook post.

A lot of it doesn't ring quite true to me.
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