Bitter man trying to be a better man

Just need to vent some angst!
Came home from work furious yesterday (I'm normally quite laid back)!
For the last few weeks I've been coming home at a pretty regular time and so am starting to see the same people/cars etc. It's quite nice...apart from one young xxxxxxx in a black Vauxhall.
First saw him a few weeks ago. He'd stopped due to traffic and I pulled up behind him. He started to spray his windscreen but the jets are positioned way too high and I got a face-full. Not sure what's in it but it stinks! Wasn't too impressed but just put it down to one of those things and got with it.
Thing is...every time I see him now he overtakes and then slows down and hits the washer so that it therefore hits me. The other day he did the same thing but I hadn't realised that he'd stopped further down the road, waited until I'd gone past and then went past me again and did the same thing. He thinks it's hilarious and I can see him and his mate jumping around inside having a great laugh.
It's seriously getting to me and have gone through many scenarios of the day when he has to stop and I'm close enough to catch up...
I'm quite a calm person but having dark thoughts!!! Trying to be the bigger person but...
Any thoughts???


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find where he lives

spud in exhaust.

TBH its a difficult one, you could ask plod to help but i doubt he would do it if a panda car was in sight.

Is there an alternative route you could use?


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Well done for keeping so calm, if its on purpose then its assault surely? Personally i would use a balloon filled with gloss paint or a water pistol full of anti freeze, maybe though wait until he is alone in the car? Seriously though its a bloody hard one, good luck and keep us posted

jonny jeez

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Its assault. Call the cops.
Get the reg, tell the police the dates and his MO and ask them to have a word with him. The evidence will be clear the moment they ask him to clean his windscreen

Do you have a cam, if so, place it some-place covert (ooer) and film the actions (stopping, pulling over and being deliberately annoying).

I'd see this as a great opportunity to set this little pr*ck up, he does it every time and at regular times, easy to sort.

If he is doing this to you he is doing it to all cyclists.

failing all that, smack the little shite on the nose, then let him call the police.


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p*ss in a water pistol.
Dot 5 brake fluid in a water pistol; he'll love a bit of that on his paintwork...


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Film him over several occasions then after you have collected enough evidence ... wait till he passes and point at the camera on your handlebars and smile!

(Though the inner devil in me wants to seek revenge with a water pistol filled with something other than water).


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Wouldn't advise taking revenge damaging his precious car... you'll just escalate an already bad experience, but then that's just me.... I'd do exactly as Jonny jeez recommends... or just take another route home or set off at a different time for a week... he'll soon forget. You might think that's an invasion of your public rights but it all depends how much you can be bothered.
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