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Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by glenn forger, 18 May 2015.

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    I missed out the section from the Melbourne RAB up to Seacroft as I've ridden that bit loads and for most of it it work really well - the junction just after the fire station is a bit convuluted and the one near Aldi needs you to have your wits about you, but it's generally good.

    The real confusion on that part is where it ends. The segregated cycleway stops at the Ring Road and to the uninitiated it seems like it ends there, but there are cycle signs on the local roads running parallel (Stocks Rd, Hansby Drive), a new bit of shared path up to the Windmill RAB, more cycle signs through the underpasses and a painted cycle lane (outbound) or shared paths (inbound) on the next section of the A64.
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    Oh sh!t - I know. That bit leaves me ROFLMAO.

    Like all cyclists REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to do, is get onto the single carriageway section of the A64 from Seacroft thru to the A1(M)! "Hey - that's where cars want to go! Are cyclists different?" Duuuuuuh!

    It's really not a hard set of three questions to ask of a bunch of people on bikes - where are you going, why, and how will you get there? NOBODY in their right minds cycles that section of the A64! EVER! There are far pleasanter (and above all, safer!) routes between Leeds and York.
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  3. classic33

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    Seacroft Hospital will be part of the housing development, not next to it.

    There's road closures all around it, by all the utility companies, to allow supply to meet demand.
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    Marsh Lane isn't finished yet. Completion date is the 20th April 2018
    Works Reference Number:GP072111222333
  5. Crock of Gold

    Crock of Gold Guest

    If I go to a predominantly White area and see the drivers parking like nobbers, and know that the postcode has a reputation for being unlicensed, you'd be just as happy if I started calling out the Whites?

    Liverpool, for example, has a higher proportion of unlicensed car drivers than Bradford. I mention this as this used a stat to attack Asians within that original racist rant I quoted above. It has about 13% non-White population, about the UK average. Therefore can I start ranting about those who live there as 'bloody white drivers'?

    Or start ranting by reference to the race or colour of the inhabitants of any region whose cycling infrastructure we may be discussing? Or only where Asians are concerned?

  6. classic33

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    If you stay with taxi drivers, which is what I pointed out.

    Edited to add:
    Again, a year later the post is questioned. Odd.

    From Moderators:
    There may well be mainly asian taxi drivers in the places mentioned. However the relevant point is that they are taxi drivers, their race is immaterial.
    These two posts have been left in, the remainder of the argument about racism has been deleted.
    Any further racist comments on this thread will result in thread bans.

    This applies to everyone, not just Classic.

    If you think a post is racist, report it, do not start another argument on a cycle-lane thread.
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    On the way to work on Wednesday morning, the CSH was white over with snow on both sides of York Road - however, on coming home I was pleasantly surprised to see it had been gritted / cleared all the way from Leeds city centre up to the Melbourne roundabout, unlike the adjacent footpath, and it's been maintained since.
    Admittedly it is a narrow section in the centre of the CSH and it is only wide enough for one bike with no overtaking unless you wanted to risk the snow and ice, but cleared it was. Oh, and obviously avoid the peds who were walking on the cleared cycle route rather than the uncleared footpath... :rolleyes:

    Now al the council need to do is sort out the many obstructions (including a portaloo right in the middle of the CSH opposite Seacroft hospital that's been there for a couple of weeks now, the works / signs blocking it by the Shaftesbury junction, the streaming water running down out of the hand car wash opposite the White Horse that turns to ice as it crosses the CSH, etc)
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  8. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Seems as though the work at Seacroft Hospital is to rectify work already done.

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