Bring student son home now?


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With lockdown looming and GTijunior showing signs of mental stress what would forum members do about their child at University? Bring them home and isolate at home before the lockdown?

He is already locked down in his room, effectively, and in quite a bad way.


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It has to be his decision Gti. He'll always be a child to you but he's a grown-up too- ours are 32 and 29 and our first impulse is to rush down to support them whenever they sound like they might be worried or strssed- it's the parent's dilemma!
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He's 21 and I don't think he would have the mental strength to stay there alone through Christmas.

It's a huge risk because the villagers here are already dobbing each other in and sniping via the community Watsapp. We would have to sneak him in by night then keep him hidden.


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Well it won't make any difference to life but it's a huge psychological thing.
Its only a huge thing because you allow it to be**
My advice for what its worth is... switch whatsapp group sh*t off and get on enjoying your own life.
**easy for me, I have (in adult life) never celebrated christmas.
BTW like many on here, I was married at 21 and had a child at 23. Your son is not a kid any more.
If he has issues, as people of any age can have, get him home and sod what the village idiots say on the pathetic group chats.
My opinion only of course.
I wish you the best.


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My son's house-mate went home the last time and was effectively in the house with his parents. Mine chose to stay in the now-empty shared house rather than come back so he could focus on his studies. If your son's 21 he's not a first-year so should have settled himself in by now.

It's his choice and if he comes back neighbours can do what they like. There's no national restriction yet and if he's back before it, he's back.


I agree he has to make the call.
A few questions before I offer any more advice
What support is in place from the uni side has he got ?
What's his over all mental health like ?
Has he hinted he's not feeling great mentally ?
What tiers are you both in?
Is it really necessary for him to be at uni or is all the teaching online ?
Or perhaps you two could stay a few nights in a hotel B&B near him over the festive period or all stay together.

The mouse house doesn't sound like a cosy place to be and a half-finished shell also wouldn't be much fun for him, especially IF he feels like a fugitive.

Hotel/B&B near/with him for 5-6 days could be the best solution.
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